PwC Partner Interview 2012


What sort of questions did they ask you?
Any advice for this?

Thank you for your help!


Hi Futureisorange,

I recently had my partner interview, and i know its going to be a bit of a repetition but it really does depend on the partner you have. The questions he asked was 1) tell me about yourself 2) if you had 1 million pounds, where would you invest it?

He mainly went through my application form and we had a chat about my work experiences and my part time jobs. They will definately ask you a commercial awareness question so make sure you prepare for that! I got asked about if germany should leave the euro or not… but to be honest my answer wasn’t so great and i didnt really know what to talk about…:smiley:

Luckily i got a call three days later and got an offer!

P.S I applied for a school leaver programme…


if you’re applying for audit i’d learn:

  1. audit reforms proposed by the EC and the implications for the big 4/non-big 4

-in a PwC interview say you’re against the proposals
-say joint audit would only push up client fees and that smaller firms dont have the expertise to carry out large audits
-say you appreciate the efforts by the EC to restore investor confidence but they should be very careful adjusting the the UK audit standards because it’s regarded as the uk is regarded as having the best audit standards in the world.
-say separation of audit and non-audit services will reduce knowledge spillover, in that PwC can draw from several areas of business lines to add value to a client and the knowledge built up helps them tailor services effectively
-mention that audit partners rotated in PwC anyways and this is enough, say mandatory rotation isnt necessary and that clients will only change between big 4 and it will not reduce market concentration

  1. Eurozone

-what happened?
-should the uk stay in euro?
-should germany stay?
-what would happen if greece defaulted/left the euro?

I think you could get away with knowing just those two commercial awareness questions


Thanks, do you reckon there are any more stories that I should think about?



I’ve got a partner interview next week for Tax. I was just wondering if anyone had any guidance as to what might come up in the interview and any commercial awareness that I should specifically be looking at?

Thank You


I think the three main stories to know is:

  1. EU debt crisis
  2. US debt-ceiling problem
  3. Audit reforms

Anything else?


I too have a Partner Interview coming up but in tax! I’m looking for suitable relevant business stories to discuss.


Hi Ambitious23,

Even i have a tax interview, can you please describe your interview, if you have aready had it by now,

thanks a lot




I wonder if partner interview can be conducted through telephone as I will leave UK for a month right after my assessment center next monday. Can anyone answer my question?


for partner interview, will they ask u specific competencies questions? or will this be intervened with the general discussion about yourself etc? about the commercial awareness question, is this just like a general discussion with ur interviewer and be able to form opinions and debate? thanks


Hiya, I have a partner interview coming up soon in Transaction Services. Anyone have any advice on potential questions and commercial awareness topics? Will be grateful for any help!


when is ur interview for transaction services?


I haven’t got an interview date yet. They told me I’d passed my AC the day that they broke up for christmas. She said she isn’t in her office now until the 9th so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to book my interview. Do you have one coming up?


Hey guys,
Has anybody had a partner interview for management consulting? Please post the questions you were asked, and the business issues discussed. I will be sure to do this after my partner interview.
Thank you!


Anyone had a partner interview with a Birmingham Assurance partner? Mind sharing your experiences with me.

Thanks a lot!


Hi Zyzzbruh,

I will soon have a partner interview, apart from the commercial awareness questions, what other questions do they ask you? and how long was the interview?
Any other advices?



Hi all,

Has anyone of you had a partner interview recently? If you did, how long until they got back to you with the result?