PwC Partner Interview 2011/2012


Hi guys,

I have applied to PwC and been through the first interview, assessment centre and I have now been invited to the partner interview. I was just wondering if people could share their experience of the partner interview? Is it heavily competency based or more conversational?

Thanks in advance guys, I’ll be sure to post up my PwC experience for others when it’s over!


Hey Gunned,
Congratulations on making it through the final stage! You are almost there! Don’t worry the partner interview won’t be too hard. It in fact depends on which partner you will be with, some of them are quite nice so the interview is more like a casual chat; and some of them will go deeper into the information you mentioned during your conversation, asking you to analyse the problem and provide possible solutions, so make sure you express yourself in a logical and structured way. And always remember to smile even when you can’t think of some proper answer.

Btw, for the assessment center, did you got the same group exercise the written report as others mentioned in this forum? Namely the water conservation and environmental sustainability? Or do they change the material for 2012 entry?

Thanks for your help in advance and all the best!


Congratulations on reaching the final stage. You’ll be glad to hear that you’ve been through the most difficult stages, the partner interview is really a formality to assess that you have an interest in the particular office you’ve applied to, and to check that can perform under pressure.

There will definitely be competency based questions in there, but it should begin with the Partner or Director asking about some of the experiences you’ve been through at university.


Hi Angelaaudit,

The written report was looking at ways to improve water conservation. BUT, knowing this is of no advantage to you because they are looking to test your ability to digest the relevant information in a short amount of time and produce a concise, but relevant report. I would strongly advise against doing any research on this area prior to the day as the instructions specifically mention that “no previous knowledge is required”, as they want to see you analyse, process and regurgitate the information that is in the booklet - nothing more!

Remember - use subtitles, have a short introduction and conclusion. Punctuation, grammar and spelling are also key. Spend a maximum of ten minutes reading, maybe even closer to five minutes. I found I struggled to finish with only 20 minutes to write!

The group exercise was concerned with weighing up a number of proposals for a client who wanted to improve profits, whilst also highlighting their environmental measures. Again, there is no point in researching this prior to the day. All it requires is some common sense and good reading skills. Perhaps practice reading articles and highlighting the key points on a piece of paper, like a brief synopsis and then presenting it to a friend/parents…?

Hope this helps and best of luck with your AC!



I know its off topic but what sort of questions did they ask in the numerical test? The practise ones are never the same. Do you have any idea what the pass mark is??
I am waiting to do the numerical test now.


TroChr - thanks for your response, very much appreciated!


jb_22 - which numerical test are you referring to? Online or AC?




For all my online tests and ACs, I’ve been using the practice tests on They’re designed to imitate SHL tests and are very similar and slightly harder - so if you can do well on these, you ought to ace the online ones!

Although you have to pay, there are 14 tests and it tells and explains the answers to you in a PDF file. I finished maths at A-Level and took a humanities degree at university, so these really helped me to get my maths back up to standard.

As for the pass mark - I think it is around 50%, although I’m not entirely sure. As for the AC tests, they mark you as a “percentile” relative to other candidate performance.

Hope that helps.



I only studied maths up to GCSE, but im doing a finance related degree… So i iwill need some practise im sure!


How long does it take before you hear back after a partner interview???


Hi Guys

I have a final partner interview in 2 weeks and I have applied for Human resources services in the TAX sector, to start in sept 2012.
does anyone know what the interview will consist of? I don’t have a finance/accounting background, I actually did science degree I have been reading up on the recent euro zone crisis and FTT tax , just wondering if anyone could give me some advise on anything else I would need to know?

Please let me know if you one needs any help on the earlier stages?


Just out of interest, when did you have your AC? I had mine late october and am still being told there is no partner avaialbility for interview. I hope they hurry up, I’ve got an ‘expoloding offer’ from KPMG!

Partner interviews vary based on the partner. I have had one previously with PwC and remember being asked commercial awareness questions, the basic ‘why’ questions (i.e why PwC?, why tax? etc.), questions based on my application question and some competency questions.

Good luck


I had my AC in the beginning of september and I just found out when my partner interview was at the beginning of this month… they’re very busy around this time so hopefully they should get back to you soon! when you had your last PwC interview, how interrogative were they with the commercial awareness questions? I’m scared I won’t be able to discuss them in enough depth!


Not particularly interrogative. It was more of a series of business discussions relating to the industry she worked in (retail) rather than questions. It was not covered in particular depth, we just discussed different strategies supermarkets used.

Good luck


Hey guys,
Has anybody had a partner interview for management consulting? Please post the questions you were asked, and the business issues discussed. I will be sure to do this after my partner interview.
Thank you!


Anyone had a partner interview with a Birmingham Assurance partner? Mind sharing your experiences with me.

Thanks a lot!


anyone having trouble booking their partner interview? my AC was on the 9th feb in Reading, but I have applied to assurance in all locations, I thought this would go in my favour as I have said to them I will work anywhere and can do any date for an interview, but I just cannot get a date and I am calling them all the time!


Hi zebra123,

did you manage to book your partner interview? I had my AC on the 13th of March, but I haven’t been able to get a partner interview yet? So how long did it take? I applied for assurance as well.



I had my AC on the 9th feb! so it took a while baring in mine my interview is only nect week. I just called once a week and eventually they managed. they were struggling to organise dates with the partner. but you will get one eventually! what location are you going for? x