PwC or EY? Audit Grad Scheme 2015


So I have an offer from both firms and struggling to find many differentiating factors. Does anybody have any insight about which firm would be better to work for? Anybody else in the same position? PwC’s a bit bigger obviously, but I thought that might make EY a bit more personal… I’m in the Leeds office so not London if that makes any difference. Any advice is helpful!



I would pick PWC over EY over any day of the week!!!

I have offers from PWC and EY and PWC is better than EY, as they are the No1 , but I heard their staff are much better aswell!!!

So, pick PWC anyday of the week



I also have two offers from the big four. PWC and KPMG. I have chosen PWC as I preferred the application process, it felt much more personal and as if they tried to sell themselves to me too.

Where are your offers for? I’ll be in Bristol


Sorry just saw you said Leeds!


u joining the bristol office. Im going to be based in the london uxbridge office for PWC!!!


Yes I am! Congrats!


By number 1 what do you mean, the biggest? or the number 1 grad scheme? It’s a fair point but being the biggest isn’t necessarily better! I hear there is more flexibility and personal support at EY, and I prefer how the exams are structured.


Awesome congrats! and yeah i’ll be in Leeds. Are there any other reasons you chose PwC over KPMG?


PWC are also doing amazing at the moment, winning a lot of clients!


Hey, I’m in the exact same situation as you, got offers from PWC and EY, and in the end I chose EY as everyone who I spoke to was extremely friendly and had great contact with the recruitment team. However, PWC is also a great firm, so whatever you choose will be a good choice in the end :slight_smile:


I had the same question and went EY - partly because I got a much better feeling from them than from PwC (e.g. EY first interview is with a manager, PwC it’s an outsourced HR drone, at EY assessment centre we got a good lunch and ~5 employees for ten candidates to talk to afterwards, at PwC we got one biscuit each and 3 employees for 12 candidates). There were also other reasons along the line of this post, which I’m copying from TSR:

Most of my family have been through the big 4. 2 were at PwC and they all agree there has been a massive culture change. A few of the major reasons for this (at least at PwC), notably over the last 10 years are:

  • A new requirement for managers to cut 10-20% off their budget for each audit every year. This is mean’t to be “efficiency” savings due to to technology. However this has been going on for 5+ years now and just means incredibly long hours + lower audit quality

  • TOIL/Overtime have both been completely phased out in the last 10 years. At the same time the starting salary has not risen since 2006

  • College is no longer college. 2/3 of your study time at PwC will be home study spaced out over the 3 months running up to an exam. Compare this to our competitors where they get 6 weeks in one block before the exam. Outside the obvious exam benefits, this leads to a more disjointed and less social experience for a PwC graduate. Going back to college with 30 people my age was a great attraction of joining - unfortunately I got royally ****ed over being the first year this was changed.

Sure PwC is better than nothing, but don’t expect it to be what they portray it. We are hemorrhaging staff right now to our competitors, at least in my city.

Their HR machine endlessly spews out that we have been the Times Top 100 Graduate employer for the last 10 years. The only people who are allowed to vote in that survey are students.

How would students know what the best employer is?


Hi I have a final interview next week with pwc can i ask what the starting salary is for the Leeds office? I currently work in London and i am taking a career change. Just wondering what the offer would be.


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