PwC or Ernst and Young Audit


Hi, I have had offers from both firms and I have no idea which one to choose. I always thought I preferred EY, but the training seems to be better at PwC and the reputation of the firm in the UK. I heard somewhere that if you are thinking of moving on PwC is better, and is you want to stay than EY because the pay is better further up the company, and as it is smaller, there is easier progression if you are good. Any differences apart from just market share of the FTSE 100 would be great to hear, and would hopefully allow me and others to clarify their views.


The training will be pretty much the same whichever firm you choose - it really doesn’t matter. PwC is currently the largest of the Big4 in the UK but is losing its market share - it’s likely to be replaced by KPMG. EY has a better reputation than PwC in the USA.

I’m biased I suppose but I’d choose EY - I went through all of the Big4’s application processes and EY seemed the best organised and the nicest people; having started work for them now I still hold that opinion. If you want to ask any specific questions about EY then PM me and I’ll do my best to answer then for you :slight_smile:


Hello, Jexxo, thanks for your sharing. I am currently applying for E&Y aduit 2010 intake. I have a doubt about how to answer the question “Describe the last time you delivered a task that required sustained effort”. what is the key to answer this question? Could you please give me some suggestions about it? Thanks a lot!