PWC or Deloitte



I have offers for banking audit at both PWC and Deloitte. I am struggling to decide which to accept as both firms seem to be almost the same. If you had to decide between the two, which would you go for and why? My main concerns are job security and a pleasant working environment/culture. I may also wish to transfer to tax after completing my three years in audit, and possibly move to a financial control or tax role with a company (ie not an accounting practice) later on. Thank you very much.


If only there was some way, some method, of finding out what it’s like in the office? Some kind of post-offer insight day? Perhaps involving some sort of advanced communicational device through which one could ask someone at the other end to show you around?

Just kidding around. No one can make this decision for you, and frankly you’d be a muppet to choose on the basis of what some random nutter off the internet says. Go and ask them to spend a day in the office, they’ll be more than happy to sort something out for you.

They’re both reputable firms, you’ll never be in a position where it makes any material difference which one; so I’d say finding out where you’d be most comfortable/ happiest is the key factor.


I agree with Loquitor. In your position I would call up both firms and propose a further office tour or potentially, a day of work experience. They might say no, but I would have thought they’d be happy for you to do this. If you spend some time at both firms you could decide which you were more suited to, and let us know your views on each firm too. Only you can decide which firm suits you best - good luck (and well done on your offers!)


I had to make this exact decision and I picked [[PwC]]. The reason was because PwC’s client list, especially in financial services, far outstrips that of the competition. In other words, working for PwC gives you access to a league of business that is not accessible from other firms- mostly in terms of size.

Although I hated it, I don’t regret my choice of firm- most firms will provide you a pretty similar experience, be it [[PwC]] or [[Deloitte]].


Thank you for your comments.

Sorry to trouble you again but, out of interest, how friendly or unfriendly are the staff in banking audit at PwC? Is there a friendly working environment or not? Thank you.


I think I know some of them and it’s a team with a good reputation. Strong team ethic and great Chistmas parties!!

PwC is still largely recognised as the market leader and I understand they now have a big Mobility programme offering moves around the firm to different parts after you have completed your first two years.

Good luck with your choice.


Yep - it’s definately a friendly environment at [[PwC]]- although it’s still a professional environment. Ultimately it depends what your kind of people are, but on the whole they’re nice! :slight_smile: