PwC Online test


I have some questions about PwC online test:

1> do they use negative marks for the incorrect answers? Should I use wide guess?

2> What is PwC logical reasoning test exactly like?

On wikijob’s website (, there are two kinds of questions: Diagrammatic Reasoning Questions or Abstract Reasoning Questions. They are too different, and the second is much easier than the first one. And I took practise of inductive reasoning test on SHL, and the pratice are all the abstract reasoning questions. Is that simliar with PwC logical reasoning test?



Can’t help on the negative marks questions. I don’t know at all.

The logical reasoning test is the abstract or inductive reasoning type questions. My only advice is do as many practise type questions as you can. Try not to become familiar with the answers if you do them a number of times, but rather look for the patterns and trends in the drawings to understand how you arrive at the answer. I’d suggest you don’t try it until you get a good idea of how you choose the right answer each time.

I found that the first half of the test was easy enough, but the questions did get more difficult towards the end and I did use my best guesses in a lot of the later questions. I passed it though even though I thought I didn’t do too well so just practise and you’ll be fine. Good luck


ydolem - go to SHL Direct and you can sit sample tests. They are the company which make them for PwC.

Best of luck,


I went to a Deloitte insight day where they said they didn’t do negative marks so it’s better to ‘guess’ intelligently rather than not answer the rest of the questions if you’re running out of time. They were pretty sure the rest of the big four were the same. I did the PwC tests and only got through about half and still passed so don’t worry too much! good luck!


When you log onto your PwC account, under the list of things to do it’l only give you the option to do only one test, the others will appear once you’ve completed the previous one. so you can find out which you’re doing first by looking there! That’s what i had anyway, if you’re applying to assurance I had numerical first then logical.


congratulations to ioladapo!

btw, was your test similar with shl or more difficult than it? Was the logical test is abstract reasoning test, and silimiar with SHL?


Thanks you guys. I’ve done the online tests today, and found it’s more difficult than SHL. Waiting for my feedback. So nervous.

Do you know how long it normally take to get the feedback after taking the online test?


Hey ydolem,

it can really vary, I think it took almost a week after I took my test before I heard that I’d passed, but I have heard some people find out the same day! My advice would be not to worry too much if you don’t hear straight away! Hopefully it just means they’re trying to arrange interview dates!

good luck!


Yep, it took them a week to get back to me too! A very nerve-wracking week, at that… Good luck, hope you hear from them soon!


Hey guys,
Did you ask for your feedback on your online test? I passed the test, but just curious how I did it. Called PWC, and emailed to the address they gave me, but havn’t got any reply yet.


just done with online test.managed to complete just 15 questions. possibly get 2-3 ques wrong out of that. Any idea if I might pass.?


just done with online test.managed to complete just 15 questions. possibly get 2-3 ques wrong out of that. Any idea if I might pass.?


Deepakarthik, did you find out if you’d passed? :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

I applied for Graduate program in PWC at new zealand…

As a part of process I need to give an online exam…

Can u please tell me the pattern??

What concepts should I cover and From where can I get the Online material??

Pls help me out!!



hi any recent takers for the PWC online numerical and logical reasoning tests?


where are the online tests going on haven’t yet got the mail or there is another way??