PwC online reasoning tests explained



Hey guys, do you know anyone who has already applied for a PwC graduate position for 2014-2015 recruitment period? I am not sure it has already started but some countries seem to open earlier (I am from Australia).

PS. Also, do you think the reasoning test formats are the same (as explained above) in most countries or could they vary in format, timing, etc?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Thx for the post. I actually took the PwC test last year got rejected. The email said:‘We’ve reviewed your results against our assessment criteria’. I got every part at above average level though. Could anyone provide some guidance on answering?


Thank you so much for your post. I just wanna ask if there is the verbal reasoning test for Audit candidates as there is not this test in my practice tests. And PWC says in its website, the kind of test varies on the role you apply.
Thanks in advance for Daren’s reply and others as well!!!


Hello toritse2,

I will advise you use graduate monkey shl. The numerical practice questions are very similar to the real numerical test by pwc.

Hope that helps.


Hi everyone sorry for the nuisance but is PwC recruitment for audit positions (across UK) is still open? Has anyone got through recently, can you please advise??

Thanks a lot in advance!



Hi all,

I just wanted to run you through my recent experience as Darrens message is now 18 months old.

I have applied to a Senior Associate role in Consulting. Having read plenty of the comments on this thread I was concerned about my Verbal and Numerical Reasoning tests, knowing that it was critical to pass these in a high percentile.

After studying some various sites for mock tests, I decided to go for as they seemed to have a good image and targeted PwC well. I spent £31 on mock tests, and I must say that they are terrible quality, absolutely riddled with spelling and grammatical mistakes. Whilst frustrating, you can look past these, however the Numerical Reasoning tests had axis missing from charts, these missing axis were critical to answering the questions, so therefore you couldn’t.

I don’t want to ramble on forever about Greenturn, and having only used them I cannot recommend who would be better to use, just not them, stay clear.

On a separate note, I have now completed the tests and have been invited to an interview. They won’t ever say what my score is, but I don’t mind, I’m just happy to progress through the process. The tests are both 12 minutes long and in the Verbal Reasoning Test you have about 38 questions to complete, in the Numerical Reasoning you have about 45 questions. This doesn’t allow you to switch off, you have to be completely focused. They do say that nobody does them all, but naturally they want you to push yourself (and stay accurate).

My advise is to practice, practice and practice. The more familiar you are with the test, the less you freak out when there is a real time restriction applied. Oh, and make sure you have a calculator for the Numerical test, but don’t feel you have to use it in every question!

Good luck!


Hi everyone,

       I am applying for a position of Assurance Auditor at PWC. And I will have an IQ test and English test soon . I really don't know what will appear on my IQ test. They just told me that it all about general Knowledge.  Can anyone here give me some advice?


I think PwC has begun hiring for their tax graduate programme. Just thought you would want to know…


Thanks for your thoughtful comments here, Daren. I agree that PwC follows the above format of aptitude tests. Also, I have tried graduatemonkey and improved my score a lot. Their products seem a bit pricey but I think they are worth the buck. Emily


Thanks for sharing!!


12 minutes each? Are you sure ? That sounds well out to me, and I have done loads of reasoning tests for all different kinds of jobs


Are you sure that you have 45 questions (in the Numerical test) / 38( in the verbal) and only 12 mins?
The test I practiced in SHL direct are 30 questions (verbal) in 19 mins and (18 questions in the numerica with 25 mins of time)…




To be honest, since PWC uses SHL, is the best solution. Or at least the quickest one. It offers tests that reflect the actual algorithms used for calculations or logical sequences, not just the style. It helped me so much more and for half the money others charge. You can get all the tests for a fiver there and pass the actual tests with ease.


Does anybody have access to gradmonkey numerical and verbal pack? I need to access it for an hour or so as mine expired?


Hi, can anyone help me with the SHL test? I find some exercises very difficult


Does anyone know if PwC still uses SHL tests? Or have they switched to another test format/provider?


Hi Mcallister, yes they are still using SHL tests from what I recall.


hi mark ,

you will have the marks:) after each exam


Hi everyone! Do any of you by any chance have access to the numerical pack? If you have can you share it with me? Sorry if my request seem impertinent(: Your help will be very much appreciated