PwC online reasoning tests explained



Hi everyone,

I just had a test with PwC and I thought it could be useful to know the structure on the online reasoning tests.

PwC uses SHL (the biggest online test provider). They require you to take 3 (SHL) online reasoning tests, namely, Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Logical (Abstract) Reasoning tests.

The Numerical Test consists of 12 questions with 17 minute time limit. Fewer questions means less room for error! The level of difficulty varies and proper preparation using tutorials is a must! I think the best place to learn how to get a top score is from GraduateMonkey (just google the name). You will need to look for a specific SHL type tutorial they have. I used graduatemonkey tutorials myself, amazingly well organised into data types/contexts so you will remember different types of problems. On the downside, their Ebook is available online only although their tutorial videos are helpful (showing shortcuts, etc). It took me 4 days to prepare using their material and I got 90th percentile on my num!

The Verbal Reasoning Test consists of 30 questions to be answered in 19 minutes only. The key is to read the questions very quickly FIRST then look for answers in the paragraphs. You will still need a lot of practice and proper tutorial. JobTestPrep and assessmentday practice tests should be good to practice. I prefer assessmentday because they provide the same material in bigger quantities but cheaper price - so you have lots of practice if you have the time!

The Logical Reasoning Test has 18 questions with 18 minute time limit. In my experience, it is the most challenging NOT least because of the time limit but also the increasingly difficult series of patterns being thrown at you as your progress through the test. Again assessmentday could be a good source.

Anyway, the BEST of luck to ALL of us who are now applying to PwC !!!



I have a PwC online tests due this week so cheers for the information mate. Spot on! I will check the graduatemonkey site.


Very useful information. thank you. please add or share if you have more. thanks. Brian


I think you forgot to mention about the Personality Questionnaire which is NOT timed but it is important also, The best thing to do is to review personality tests on the internet.


How many grads is PwC taking on for 2014? Anyone knows?


I think PwC is taking 1,600 for 2014. That is graduates only. they also hire interns…


Personality questionnaire is not really an aptitude test. It is just a descriptive tool of your personality not skills.
Re PwC hiring, the total number must be above 3,000 for 2014 incl. grads, trainees, interns, etc.


PwC was quick to respond but unfortunately I did not meet “their requirements” although my test results were above average. Anyone else had this kind of situation where they passed the online tests but were rejected anyway?


I did my PwC test couple of hours ago and I would like to say that the information provided above by “daren_b06” was spot on. Also, I appreciate the advice on test prep sources. I have used assessmentday before but I signed up to graduatemonkey and I found it much more useful. Their packs are more complete as they teach some valuable time saving shortcut techniques in their videos. Thumbs up for graduatemonkey!


Do you guys know when the first round of PwC graduate recruitment will be over? I am looking to apply for an actuarial position. thanks in advance!


@bgood031: graduatemonkey unfortunately didn’t work out for me.
I used to clear the first stage.


I just used Graduate Reasoning Tests /pwc-application-process for extra information that wasn’t on the website. Pretty useful.


That site was gradreasoningtests actually I think


@ bgood031
Did you sign up using some discount code when you subscribed to graduatemonkey? When I reviewed graduatemonkey, their prices seemed a bit more expensive than I would expect them to be. Obviously, they may be offering more value for money but I would appreciate if there was some voucher code or discount code lying around.


Looks like graduatemonkey finally reduced their SHL and Kenexa numerical test preparation pack prices to an affordable level. I had emailed them asking to reduce the prices previously so happy to hear they responded to the customer opinion.


Yeah, graduatemonkey recently published a Logical (Abstract, Inductive) Reasoning Test tutorial pack. They brilliantly organised diagram problems into types, I never thought that there are only so many categories of these diagram/patterns series. Really recommended and it is relatively cheap (as paulwhite says they have cut the prices significantyl)


Hi lawrence 123:
Is the Logical (Abstract) Reasoning test tutorial pack offered by GraduateMonkey the same as Diagrammatical reasoning test?


Hi I wanted to ask what is the passing score for both numerical and abstract reasoning tests?Any idea?


Hi faryaljehangir,

PwC passing scores are above 80% I believe (above average results) although this should be achieved in combination with good academic achievements and relevant work experience.

I also had a question actually. Have you just passed the application stage or are you just practicing tests? I need to know if PwC is still reviewing new applications for internships.

Thanks a bunch!


Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the reply Yeah so for now I am practicing the tests.If you can’t find the internships info on PwC’s website then you can call them on Student careers helpline (HC Direct): freephone 0808 100 1500
Student careers helpline (HC Direct) from outside the UK: +44 (0)1952 568470. They are generally very helpful.Hope that helps.

All best,