PwC on-line test


Who did PwC on-line test? Is it difficult? Thank you very much~!



I just need to do them tonight as well… As i’m applying for the second time at pwc, i can tell you they re not the easiest to pass. as they do not have a strict time limit in which to complete the tests (they only recommend 5 days) i d suggest getting as much practice as you can till you feel reasonably confident.

  1. numerical - pretty straight forward shl test - just practice the one on shl web til you get it right and you ll be fine! That’s how i passed shl numericals so far;)

  2. inductive reasoning - here’s a bit of a problem as real test is quite hard - i ve done a lot of practice from and i hope i ll pass it this time round. I m would have been so much better off with a verbal test but pwc seems to like these inductive reasoning stuff :frowning:

  3. personality questionnaire - i d say this one is the hardest of all as it gives you over 100 questions where you need to choose what statement is ‘more like you’ and ‘least like you’. I’m not sure what they are looking for, but i d go for honesty on this one and see what happens. alternatively, you can look at their competencies and tweak the answers a bit, but that may be tricky as it’s hard to maintain consistency in 100 + questions!

  4. situational judgement - this one is a piece of cake if you have/had a full time job as you pretty much know how to deal with managers/colleagues/clients (i ve passed these in all of my applications so far). if you re a student, here are a few guidelines:

  • choose the course of action least likely to annoy people
  • choose the course of action most likely to get the job done
  • show respect for authority and choose answers that involve consulting with managers and senior colleagues.
  • don t choose answers that show you’re desperate to do overtime/ work more than your peers- choose more balanced options such as ‘i’d first check with manager if it’s very urgent and then stay over if necessary’

hope this anecdotal wisdom helps:)


hey, thank you so much for the information. Good luck for your test tonight and waiting for your feedback.:slight_smile:


hey Sophia,

Just finished the tests and i feel quite relieved!:smiley:

Numerical is really really easy ( i ve done a lot of SHL tests for various other applications, so many of the questions were just repeated!!) - i have finished all questions 2 mins before the time.

Situation judgement is quite straight forward as well.

Inductive reasoning was hard as expected, a lot harder than SHL practice test. I have pretty much guessed 4 questions and i can’t guarantee i ve done correctly the others either! :frowning:

personality test - it is a really confusing one and i found it hard to maintain consistency - not sure what they are looking for, but i ve gone along the lines that i like communicating and helping others, i am innovative and dislike routine / i am an innovator. Hope that would fit their personality profile:D

good luck with your tests, i hope everything goes well;)

BTW, i am going to PWC Insight day in London this Thursday. Are you coming/do you know anyone attending this event?

best of luck,



Which positions that u both applied?


hi up2012,

I have a test coming up as well and will appreciate if you could possibly tell us how much that tests helped you out.

BTW i hope you have passed it by now :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I’ve got practice materials for these tests, let me know you’re interested. Thanks.


hi i am waiting to take my online tests for PWC …Candy89 i am interested


Hi Iv never done the online tests before.I will be doing my first PWC online test…can anyone help :slight_smile:


Please i will really appreciate it if u can help me with the online test materials, thanks alot


Hi, do you still have these practice materials? i’ve got to take the tests soon! thanks very much.


Hi Alexa,

I did not see in their website any test called Situational judgment or Personality test. Do you take them at the same time as the numerical and logical reasoning tests?


Do you take the test straight after the online application form or only if successful after the screening?


From my experience I can answer my own question for people who are interested. I have been forwarded to take Personality test straight after the numerical+logical reasoning tests. I have not seen a Situational judgment test though.

Mr. Nikolaev, let me answer your question from my experience. They assess your application form only after you take (I am not sure about passing them) your tests. Therefore, after submitting online application form, you will soon be asked to take the tests.


Hello all,
I can confirm what fame said is true… you get the tests very soon after submitting your app, and I think app is not looked at at all unless you pass the tests.

I have one question though-when did you people get a situational test? I only got numerical, logical and personality test. Nothing after this…


Anyone can tell me about the Online test of Pwc for 2013 Intake. The website said that the test would depend on the service lines you apply for. In case of Audit, which test will I need to do? Numerical, verbal, inductive reasoning. Anything about Judgement test?
many thanks


I will have the test in few days. I wonder wether inductive test and logical reasoning test are different?
I’m interested in your material, can you send me some?
Many thanks


I just received the email said that I will take the numerical, logical reasoning and personality questionnaire. I wonder whether the logical reasoning and inductive test are different?
Any advice for the personality questionnaire?
Thank so much


Hi there,
logical test refers to shapes and such, where you have to fill in what follows next. You take numerical test, logical as I said, and then the personality questionnaire.


I have just submit an application and is required to do their online test soon. I will like to know the complexity of their numerical test- is there a lot of exchange rates question? How does’s practice test fair compared to PWC’s real test? Also, is the PwC’s Occupational Personality Questionnaire a personality test that will be repeating the same questions throughout to catch you? Does anyone know what is the percentile we need to be in for both numerical and logical test? I highly appreciate your reply, as I have not been a consistent performer in online tests :frowning: Thank you!