PwC Office Locations?



I have originally applied for PwC at an office that has just been filled up. Apart from the obvious London choice, where else is a good alternative? Does the location matter?

Currently Edinburgh is taking my fancy, is this a good choice?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


Hi is this for grad or inter? Have u had your partner interview?


This is for an internship position. I am at the partner interview stage and they let me know that my current location might be filled as there is a candidate already scheduled to be interviewed.

Thanks for the help!!


Was this for the London location and if so when did u have that AC? I had mine on Thursday and got told I had passed on Friday but have not heard since then?


This was for the Gatwick office. I had my AC on the 13th of April, and heard back the next day saying I had passed. I didnt hear back until the 27th of April so be patient! I would go onto the PwC applications login and see if there are any dates available. If you say there are no available dates add a comment when you are free. This might speed things up.

Hope this helps!!