PwC Offer


I got an offer for Assurance in the London Branch. I was called with the offer a couple of weeks ago, but ever since I havnt heard from PwC, and havnt received any confirmation of an offer through email or mail. Anyone else had such an experience too? How long does it generally take for a contract to come or any confirmation for that matter?


You should get in contact with them just to be sure.


When do they do the vetting stuff? they might be verifying the stuff you put in your application(grades and employment).


They do the vetting stuff after you’ve received your offer through the mail, as you have to send them a form giving them consent to look into your background.

I got my offer pack through the post about three working days after getting the verbal offer. If it’s been a few weeks it’s probably an idea to get in touch and just check up on the situation.


I recently accepted an offer with PwC at the London office and haven’t received their confirmation of acceptance yet but I’m sure they are just busy.

I was just wondering if anyone knows how long the vetting process generally takes? And do they e-mail you when the vetting process has been completed to let you know everything was ok?