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I would be really happy for your comments.

Today I received an email from PWC telling me that I was successful at the assessment centre and that they I want to make an offer to me, but they are unable to provide the service line (audit)/location that I applied for.

They offered me to either change the location, change the discipline or put my application on hold for entry in 2009.

I actually don’t know what to do because I really want to work in the city I applied for and also in the discipline.

Do you have any thoughts on this. I would be really grateful if you could share your opinion with me.



Out of interest where had you applied? I thought I was going to have the same situation myself…and I had just planned on going travelling and having a really good year, but it kinda depends where your priorities lie. If you want to get started right away then I guess you will have to decide which is more important, place or service line.



I applied for audit in London… do you know how this works… if I would decide to put my offer on hold, do I then have a guaranteed entry in 2009 or do I have to do some of the recruitment process again…

Where did you apply?


I’m pretty sure they would just defer entry, but I’d ask them to make sure. I got a job doing assurance in bristol starting September, pretty sure I got one of the last places from what I’ve heard.


hi, speak to them about the location, ask them if they are fine to move you into city after a year instead of putting it on hold and then city. tell them you will work there where they want for now and then move back to the city. no one guarantees that you will be given another chance to work for them if this kind of Crunch carries on and on till next year. Make sure you “negotiate” with them by a formal letter or phone call. good luck



thanks a lot for your comments!

This means if I put my application on hold for consideration for entry in 2009, I have no guaranteed place in 2009, right? Does it also mean that I would have to do the interview and assessment centre again… Thx


No I don’t think so- if they are going to make you an offer they will do now, even if it’s for 2009.

I worked for PwC in financial services assurance (city) in the I&IM department. It depends what you want to do really, but you have to have a good reason for wanting to work in the city, rather than think ‘it might be a good idea’ or a good way to make money.

Did you apply for I&IM or B&CM?


Hi Chris,

I applied for I&IM. The thing is I just moved from abroad to London and I was very keen to stay in London. It is not about making money, it’s just that I want to live in London.

So, you would think they would make an offer now for a guaranteed place in the graduate program in 2009.


Well I worked for I&IM and at the time it was very understaffed. I think they would definately give you an offer for september- it’s not a surprise they won’t do one for ealier- I think the next start date is June which is very soon - most people start in September to coincide with busy season in January.

They have quite a few Greek Cypriots working there.

I should warn you, I&IM is very boring! Unlike other businesses, insurance & investment management is all paperwork and regulation- lots of rules to follow. If you are not REALLY interested in finance-type businesses, you can easily stay in london and work for TICE or CIPS at Embankment Place, which is PwC’s head office in London.

I&IM is at London Bridge.


Hi Chris,

Thanks a lot for your thoughts. What is TICE or CIPS exactly?


They are audit industry specialisms at PwC.

TICE - Technology, Information Communication and Entertainment
CIPS - Consumer Industrial Products and Services

There are also the two financial services ones:

I&IM - Insurance & Investment Management
B&CM - Banking & Capital Markets

Once you start you can’t swap until you qualify so bear that in mind. Which one you would prefer really depends on what kind of person you are and what things you like doing.