PwC Offer - Office Location



Just wondering if anyone here has received an offer from PwC in London? And how you know which offices you’ll be based in? The two letters i’ve had are addressed from Plumtree Court - does this mean i’ll be there? Or is this simply where their main HR team is?

Any insight would be much appreciated! Want to check i’m not missing something blindingly obvious, if not i’ll give them a ring…



Plumtree Court is pretty much all admin and some very small departments- it’s not a very big office. Most of the client work gets done at 1 Embankment Place (Strand) if you’re non-financial services (CIPS, TICE-E), and Hays Galleria (formerly Southwark Towers) (London Bridge) if you are doing financial services (I&IM, B&CM).

Hope this helps!