PwC Offer for Forensics/Assurance 2013




Hi Strictz,

Congrats on the offer! :slight_smile: I just wanted to know when did u have your final interview? I had mine on 30 th Jan n havent heard back anything so m really anxious.



thanks! I had my final interview on Friday 25th January and I found out the same day, they said they didnt want to leave me hanging over the weekend, but I know it differs depending on offices and service lines, so don’t give up hope it is there busy season after all.

Good luck!


i have just been rejected by pwc after my partner interview. For those who are waiting to hear back, i been told that positions in financial advisory are very limited hence they compare the intake as a whole to make their decisions. I am the casualty who met all their benchmarks but failed to gain a position due to stronger competition for this year’s intake.

But other areas do have a first come first served basis which explains why people in assurance hear back very quickly.


Hi Strictz,

Congrats on your offer. Would you mind sharing how did you relate the current business issues to forensics? Would you say an example such as the sovereign debt crisis is related, or something like insurance claim not being genuine, or does it have to be something as close as cybercrime? Or even, do the current business issue examples given have to be related to forensics?

Any advice around that area would be really helpful, I’m putting all my hopes on this application as forensics is what I want to do. But the feedback from chronk is really daunting…


Thank you.

The business story I talked about was the collapse of the high street, because I was suddenly changed over to forensic accounting I couldn’t actually find any business stories that they wanted.

The interviewer asked me another question like this: “think of a company that is doing badly in the UK, and tell me how forensic services could assist them” so I spoke about a company and said that forensic services could check for any fraud etc. all the usual things that a forensic accountant do, and I also said they could suggest some other service lines PWC has to offer to get them into a better position.


Thanks Strictz, that was very helpful. I hope you don’t mind me bombarding you with questions as I come across any in the weeks to come.


I waiting on my final interview for Assurance. Was considering to switching to Forensics/Assurance but after reading some comments here about places being limited etc, I don’t want to risk it.
Btw what does Forensics/Assurance involve? is it half Assurance and then you spend the other half of your time working on Forensics?


Hey guys,

I’ve accepted an offer for PwC Forensics/Assurance for London September 2013. I’m happy to answer any questions or give tips if people are still applying :slight_smile:

Also, I thought it might be nice to get to know some of my future colleagues if anyone else is the starting at the same time as me in London?


Ok something strange happened with my above post. I’ve accepted an offer for Forensics/Assurance in London Sept 2013, and I’m happy to answer questions etc if people are still applying.

Also, I thought it might be nice to get to know some of my future colleagues if anyone else is the starting at the same time as me in London?


HERO878 - Sorry about the time it took to reply, I hope it’s not too late for me to provide you with information. Forensic/Assurance is specialised form of assurance, the best description is an auditor who specialises in looking for fraud and other criminal activities. You spend the first 18 months following the same route as assurance and following that begin to specialise in forensics department. Hope this helps, good luck!

Congratulations on getting a place jj1309!


Congrats to everyone who got an offer!
I’m still about to do the online tests.

I’m applying for the Technology Service Line - Data Assurance.

I haven’t found many people talking about it (yet) I just wanted to know if anyone else if applying for Technology.

Also, I feel like I’m the only female that’s interested in applying to Data Assurance (or tech. in general) :frowning:

(I did Computer Science, so it’s not irrelevant)


Ooops forgot to add -
To Strictz, did you not have a telephone interview?



what GCSEs did you get in maths and english as i got b in maths and c in english do you know anybody who got an offer with these grades and do you think i can get it.

thank you


@hero878, you mentioned switching service line for the scheme, are we allowed to change service half way through the recruitment process?