PwC Offer after assessment center


Thank you for everyone that helps!!! I would like to share the experience I had with PwC recruitment process.

Background: Materials Engineering for top tier universities in UK

Helpful tips: look at the group interview video for PwC on Youtube, and the videos about employability on PwC UK website.

On the day we had mixture of candidate applying different service line, so it was not competition among.

Numerical Test: I found that easy as online but timing was more restricted.

Diagrammatic Test: I found it was quite hard, although I past but the feedback was significantly lower than I expected.

Written Exercise: 30 mins to read and write a report about a branch of materials. Options available with different pros and con. Need to draw conclusion to choose best combinations of those. Timing very important. Leave enough time for writing. I had no enough time to write the conclusion.

Group Exercise: Video on Youtube is very helpful. Find you chance to speak.

Partner Interview: Nice guy to talk with. Question asked about competencies. Look at videos about employability on PwC UK website which help a lot to construct the answer and demonstrate the points they are looking for. Prepare answer for negative outcome like if there was project that failed to meet the requirement, if you have receive negative feedback and whats your response. Overall it was smooth.

So soon after that (two days later) I have positive feedback from the company.

Good luck everyone!


Congratulations mate.