PwC Offer 2015 happy to help others


i received an offer the other day for a Flexible Associate Grad Role for September 2015, i also applied for the Assurance Consulting shared Scheme and got to the final interview stage so have a fair bit of experience haha


Firstly Congratulations on the offer.
There is a lot on tests, assessment centers and first round interviews on here so I won’t bother with those.
I want to ask you more about the partner interview itself,
how long was it? what were the questions like? did you have to give a presentation at all?
Best way to prepare for it? things you wish you knew coming into it?



Hey, thank you

My two interviews couldn’t have been more different, my first was about 70 minuets long and almost the entire thing was competencies, with two questions on each competency and the Why PwC and what do you know about the role/ why this role questions. In my interview this time around i only had 5 competency questions (one on each), which only took 30 minutes and wasn’t asked about the role or PwC or a recent news story, i spent the rest of my interview talking with my interviewer and it was very relaxed with a lot of laughter but i brought in things i had prepared such as how much i liked how PwC were involved in charity etc, that i had prepared for the questions on why PwC and the role. My advice for you would be to prepare as if your interview was going to be intense and full of competencies, the first time around i saw people saying how informal the interview was so i didn’t prepare enough. That way if your interview turns out to be more of a conversation ,like my second one was, you’ll still be prepared and it will be a nice surprise. My interviewer stressed the importance of the relationship competency, however he started the interview by saying that while some people like to do interviews in a very structured way he thought at this stage the personality was more important.


yes, could you please tell us what questions you were asked? were there too many competency questions like the interview had?