PwC November Intake offer, willing to help



I recently received an offer to join PwC in November and I want to share my experiences with you since I’ve used this forum to help me.
Since I applied for the November intake I didn’t have a telephone interview. Just application- tests - Ac - final interview

Here is my experiences from the Ac and final interview:


As I’m sure you’re aware this is split into 3 sections. Testing, written exercise and group exercise
Testing is just numerical and logical. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t finish your tests in time, especially numerical as it’s tough to complete in time. Also remember to skip any difficult questions and come back to them instead of spending too much time on them,
Group exercise is fairly standard, the important thing here is how you communicate to the group, make sure you contribute and don’t keep repeating what others are saying. Also it’s very important to reach a conclusion.
The written exercise is by far that hardest. To say you are under immense time pressure is an understatement, you can’t afford to read everything so you have to skim.

Final interview:

Since I didn’t have a telephone interview there were some competency questions as well as your standard interview questions.
Make sure you have a news story where you can talk about how it could impact PwC and know about the audit reforms.

If you have any questions feel free to post/message me and I’ll get back to you


Congrats! And thanks for sharing your experience!

I’ll have my AC next week and really intimidated by the writing exercise. What was the report about? Should I go through all the sectors of the report?
I don’t even know how should I prepare for that!
Any advice or tips please?



Hi, Best of luck for your AC!
The report itself was about a fictitious situation. You do need to skim everything in order to get all of the information. The important things here are structure, language and layout. I know some people prefer writing in paragraphs but personally I did intro, points in bullet points and conclusion and make sure you can justify your conclusion.
I made the mistake of trying to read everything and about halfway through realised I would run out of time which is why I ended up doing bullet points.


I recommend having a “structure” in mind when you’re starting to write the report. That’s what really helped me. On the feedback call I was given no negative points on my written task. So have a basic introduction/idea in mind when you are doing the report. Also ensure you have a sound recommendation/conclusion.


what sort of questions did you get for your telephone interview?


Bullet points sound great!
Still I wonder if I should write in whole sentences in bullet point s or just key words instead?

Besides, since we only have 30 mins for writing exercise, how did you divide your time?
Thanks again! You’ve been so helpful!


I applied for the Novemeber intake so I didn’t have a telephone interview sorry


I only used bullets points when listing pros and cons for everything else paragraphs


Thanks a lot!
Just some last questions:
Were those pros and cons scattered through out the report? I’ve heard that the entire thing is around 15 pages. What’s the best way to find the information you want?



There are headings and sub headings in the text and you can use them to see if you actually need to read or skim


Congratulations on making it to the Telephone Interview! Might I recommend you look through this PDF to prepare for you interview?
Also be sure to prepare a business issue you want to talk about! Some of the questions I was asked are:

  1. Tell me about a time when you made friends outside your usual circle
  2. Tell me about a time when you have changed your approach to a project or task because of a significant change
  3. Tell me about a time when you’ve had to analyse complex data and how you went about it

I wish I could remember more, but I’m unable to. If I do, I will post back on here! Good luck!


Hi there, congrats on your offer. I have my partner interview shortly, however I originally applied for November so also didn’t have a telephone interview. From your experience and what you’ve read, would you say the interview was more formal because of missing the telephone interview stage? Can you give some insight into the questions you were asked please. Many thanks


In a way yes and no. It did have competency questions relating to relationships, leaderships and team work, the questions were something that would normally come up in a telephone interview but it also had elements which you would normally expect to find in a final interview so it was a mix between the two


Congrats on the offer! I am soon to have my AC at PWC. I was wondering if you could help me prepare for the group exercise. I was wondering if you need to use any formulas while doing the calculations? How exactly do you do them?

Your help would really be appreciated! Thanks!


Congrats on the offer! I am soon to have my AC at PWC. I was wondering if you could help me prepare for the group exercise. I was wondering if you need to use any formulas while doing the calculations? How exactly do you do them?

Your help would really be appreciated! Thanks!


I can’t remember what math I used but it was very basic and you will be able to work it out with no accounting knowledge. Group was the easiest exercise it’s about how you communicate with people


Hi! Regarding the group exercise at the AC, I’m worrying over these calculations too! We have to calculate payback or payback period? and how do we calculate these? Any other calculations? Thanks!!!


Payback is simply calculation how long until something recovers the cost. Honestly you have nothing to worry about if you have no accounting knowledge, I personally didn’t know about payback either but everything is given and you will only need to do basic math


Hi! do you mind share your experience in group discussion? as I found this is the most difficult part to prepare, how did you perform in the group discussion to pass it? did you take the lead role?
Thanks in advance!


That is the easiest part of the day as you don’t need to do any work for it! I didn’t take the lead role but in my feedback I was told I made valuable contributions to the discussion so don’t talk for the sake of talking or repeat what others are saying. It is essential you reach a conclusion at the end of the discussion and everyone has contributed, so if anyone is shy make sure you include them.