PwC -no first interview?


hi there what’s HC + LoS?


i’s the first interview with a Manager and a Partener from the bussiness area after assessment session (numerical and verbal reasoning test,group discussion,English test,personality questionnaire) for assurance(audit) .
If you could help me with some advice pls :smiley: i’ll be very grateful.


Hi there I think our format is quite different. I had 1st interview with senior manager. Going to have assessment day soon which include everything you’ve done.

In my manager interview most were competence questions, ie a time working in a team, providing feedback and receiving feedback, achieving a goal, multiple task, and why pwc, why assurance, what does pwc does, and knowledge of the qualification. That’s everything Ive got asked.

Sorry I don’t know much about the partner interview now. Is yours tomorrow? Hope this would help a bit.

Good luck!!!


yes is tomorrow morning and i’m very excited about this interview (this i read it is with the manager)…i’s my first so important and seroius interview :S
thank for advice …i will take them seriously