PwC -no first interview?


Anyone else got invited to assessment day without having to go through the first interview?


Were you fast-tracked? It happens sometimes.


no mention of being fast tracked or anything. just an invite to the assessment day. wonder if this is going to make it any different… maybe I should start preparing a boatload of competency examples…


If you applied offices rather than london base, assessment day will come firstly.

by the way, which office did you apply? what day is your assessment day?


I have been reliably informed that PwC have changed their recruitment process this year. first interviews no longer exist, they have been replaced by telephone interviews, I think this may be with HR…

The assessment centre has also changed with regard to the interview. Partner interviews have been replaced by manager interviews.

There is also an extra psychometric test but at the moment I have no information on this.

I guess they decided to skip the phone interview with you, you must have written a good app. Good Luck!!!


Hmmm, curious. I applied this year and had the standard process - tests, manager interview (1st interview), assessment day (includes partner interview).

That was for London; as Sanxuan mentioned, non-London offices have the assessment day first (with a manager interview) followed by 2nd round interview (with partner).

Ultimately, it is the partner that decides whether they want to work with you or not (as I mentioned somewhere else, my partner interview was one of the worst ones I’ve had and hence didn’t get the job, even though my other feedback was OK).


This is a very recent change. My friend is attending some grad recruitment events so has today been updated with the new process, not sure when it’s applicable from. Also, I’m in a non London office and everyone I’ve met had the interview first.

I think this is primarily due to time and money. Organising interviews around partners hasbecome increasingly difficult, my friend had to travel a fiar distance for her assessment day as a partner wasn’t available so I guess they’re trying to prevent this.


woo… am i glad to hear that! i am really awful at phone interviews. i saw the part about the different recruitment process for non-london offices, but i am applying to london, so that’s why i was quite confused


Hi. I just saw your post, I will appreciated if you could tell me something about assessment day in PWC. Because I am going to sit in the assessment day in two weeks, and honestly I am worried about it…


Accountant - good to know; PwC emailed me last week saying I’d passed me online tests and all that jazz and that I’d be put through to the next stage, but I’ve yet to hear from them - this sourcing partners problem must be what its down to, as when I called them up yesterday they said to ring again tomorrow if I still hadn’t heard anything!


As the name suggests, I’m in Edinburgh. Am in the middle of PwC selection process. So far it has been standard: apply online, online tests, 1st interview with manager, and now I have assessment centre on Wednesday next week which I have been told will be: group exercise, paper based version of online tests, lunch with last years grads, partner interview. No mention of a different recruitment process anywhere.



When did you have your interview Dave? I’m still waiting on hearing for an interview - phoning them at lunch time but getting concerned!


Hey joyrevision,

I had my interview Friday 10th Oct. Got a phonecall the following Monday for a call back. Think I heard within 2 days of doing online tests that I got through to interview. Are you applying for Edinburgh? I applied for assurance, may be slower for different service lines?



Edinburgh yeah - I’m applying for tax, apparently they’re having trouble finding good times for the interviewers. Just have to sit it out I guess!



I’ve applied for Actuarial in London, and got invited to an assessment centre without a first/phone interview. Just wondering like the original poster whether anyone has any further info on the interview at the AC, whether it’s manager or partner etc if no first interview took place? Am trying to prepare for every potential question they can throw at me, but I’m also stressing out trying to write my thesis at the same time so any tips would help a lot!


Hi dave. Ive just found out I have the assessment day on 25th in Edinburgh for an experienced post. Can you let me know about your experience of the day, who you spoke to etc?

Good luck by the way, and I hope you play 5’s. First thing I want to do if lucky is get a team going.

Cheers. michael


i have also been invited straight to the assessment day, without a first interview, has this been the case for anyone else? what were you experiences?

do you think it will have anything to do with the fact i am in manchester, and have a long way to travel down to southampton?


scales, i would guess your 1st interview is at the AC and if you pass the AC stage you get invited to partner interview.

i believe that’s the case for a number of regional offices, including Soton.


Hi scales and bingkk32,
Are you guys preparing for your PwC AC? Mine is coming in 1 week. Just wondering how are you preparing for the partner interview? I’m searching PwC and accounting industry news, ideal client, competence questions and a recent business news. But the range seems limitless. What else do you think I should know? Thanks!!


Hi. I just saw your post, I will appreciated if you could tell me something about 1st Interview HC + LoS. I applied to assurance trainees for graduates.Can you help me with somw advice? …i have my interview on morning 26 nov.