Pwc- Middle East- Assurance graduate position- From A to Z!


that makes sense. Thank you user10


Hello Guys ! I have just completed the online test, it was hard it seemed to me that it is impossible to complete all the questions even if i do it again. I answered 19 out of 30 for the verbal reasoning test and 12 out of 18 for the numerical test, that means i automatically failed since i don’t have the average ?


Hey Futurecpa

Its not about how many questions u answer but your rate of accuracy so no worry at all


Hey guys

I did the online test for advisory consulting for position in abu dhabi on 22nd Feb but havent heard any reply yet.Anyone in a similar situation?


I need your advice I’ve applied to PwC Saudi Arabia twice and twice they have rejected me saying my skills do not meet their requirement which baffles me. I’m an ACCA finalist with a BSc (hons) (UK) degree and a 3 GPA while the GPA requirement for the position is 2.8. What kind of skills are they looking for? Maybe they want work experience as I do have some, but not finance related. Could anyone shed some light on this?


Hi wondering if anyone applied for the Dubai office this year? I applied in Mid February for a position in Advisory Deals. I received an email to do the online assessment at the end of Feb. I completed the assessment and passed a few days later they sent me an email I should get a phone call soon to schedule an interview but I needed to send my academic transcript via email. One week later I was called to schedule a phone interview. The phone interview went well enough, she mentioned it would take around 2 weeks to arrange the next stage which is a group interview. Any one else at the same stage. This week it will be 2 weeks getting a little worried as this is my first preference yet I have some other opportunities.

@kkamau28 did you have any update since your online assessment.


Hello Dubai123,
Thanks,i hope u saw my reply,am surprised they asked u for the transcripts.How come i was never asked for the transcripts?Would there be any problem with me since am a transfer student?that is did my diploma for 3 years then later on did my Bachelors for 2 years.



Hello, did anyone answered you? do you have any information about accommodation and travel?


Any one applied to Pwc graduate assurance dubai this time!


i want to ask you, how the period after you receive job offer by email, if you from Jordan, and what the procedure ?


Hey! are you still working in PwC Qatar? I will be working for them in this coming Sep.



I am currently in the process of applying. Would love to know how your whole process went please

Thanks in advance!


Does anyone know what the salary for the graduate program is? cannot seem to find anything online or on glassdoor. applied for consulting, btw



I applied for PWC Qatar (doha) for assurance and got in. I want to know who else would be joining pwc Qatar this sept in a graduate program? This way I can get to know my mates or even get some help in sorting out accommodation and exploring the city before hand.

would be waiting for responses



Hi Amanda,

Hope you are doing great. Did you end up going to PWC Qatar? As I would be joining the firm in Sept in DOha, I would want to know more about the culture, the graduate position as work invvolved. Moreover, info regarding accomodation and stuff would be apreciated.

Please do let me know if we can connect somewhere and discuss yeah?



Hey! I had my final interview with a partner 2 weeks ago, haven’t heard back yet. How long does it usually take for them to reply regarding the outcome? I applied for core assurance, Dubai office.


I heard back within a week but applied quite early



I also had a final one 3 weeks ago, core assurance Dubai Office.

I think they take a long time to answer. Around a month approximately based on some of friends’ experiences.


Were you successful? I wonder how the process is


Do you have any news from PWC?