PwC Middle East 2017 - Hiring Process


hello dears, </br>I have applied to pwc middle east for their assurance 2017. I first had to take SHL exams which I passed and then this was followed by a telephone interview and went very well. a week ago i received a call from a manager from HR saying ill have a final interview which will be with a partner, however, the person who I was interviewed by was a senior manager from the assurance line. does this sound normal or I may have another interview with a partner. the interview went well and it was a combination of competency and technical question and he mentioned that he would send his feedback to the HR and I should hear something from them soon. now it has been almost a week and have not heard anything. i though contacted the hr manager and he told he received the feedback and it was positive and they waiting for the upper management to approve the current vacancies and i asked him if there is any further interview but his answer was i have no idea. any insight in this respect would be greatly appreciated many thanks to whoever may comment