PwC Managment Consulting Phone interview


I have a phone interview with PwC on Saturday for management consulting.
Has anyone been through one of these already? Any tips/ideas on what might be asked would be really appreciated.
Also any suggestions for companies with similar vacancies (still open) as I really can’t just apply for the one job.


I know that PwC are really keen on competency interviewing - they did a double page spread in The Gateway about the ten competencies they look for in their staff and the best way to demonstrate them. You can see it here - I used this a lot for my other interviews too


So how did your interview go? i had mine for management consulting, lasted 40 minutes and topics were:

  • Competencies (about 3) based on past experiences
  • About PwC and what they do for their clients
  • Commercial awareness

Unfortunately i failed, probably because of the second (!) point, wasnt too secure on points of what audit and tax do… just listed them mainly from the list i had infront of me!

good luck to the rest though…


Hi waterboy,

sorry to hear about your failure…I am just surprised that PwC asks about other business areas in the phone interview…
Did you know this beforehand or were you caught by surprise? I would not have expected this…

did they provide any feedback afterwards?

I applied for the economics consulting division, took the tests a while ago, but heard nothing yet…
not sure what’s happening…

how long after tests did you get the invitation to phone interview?

just keep applying and be optimistic, things usually work themselves out :slight_smile:
I know it’s easier said than done in today’s job market…




have you heard back from pwc since yet? I’m thinking of applying for management consulting as it says on their websit that they’re still at 60% vacancies available for april which is not that far away. does that mean they’re having trouble filling up or just not very good at updating their websites?