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Hi there,

I’ve just received and offer for a summer internship postion in management consultancy with PwC in London. I’m hoping that it will lead to a graduate position the following year. However, I can find no information concerning the salary of a graduate position in this service line. Anyone have any idea? Competition like Deloitte Consulting and Accenture are about £31k so I wasn’t expecting a great deal lower than this…



Yes - I was told that the salary is slightly below £30k for tax and a bit higher for consulting.
I m applying for September graduate scheme in PWC Management CONSULTING, London . Waiting for a phone interview on the 9th of March … I’m a bit nervous, as, first, I’m not a native, second, really not sure about how deeply I should know about services PwC offer in tax, assurance etc (which are not my area of interest)
Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!


The phone interview is really not that bad, and seeing as english isn’t your first language i’m sure they’ll make allowances. An employee I met on the assesment day was French and couldn’t speak English that well, so it must have gone ok for him!

I also wasn’t very good at remembering what each service line did. I just had few bullet points on each in front of me whilst I was on the phone to jog my memory when they asked (and they will ask), but they don’t go in to too much detail on it.

-Make sure you’ve read up on a business issue you’re interested in and be prepared to answer how pwc’s services could contribute.

  • Have an example or two for pwc’s core competencies (on the website somewhere).
  • In my feedback call I got the feeling they were mainly looking for someone who was polite, could communicate well, friendly and who could hold a good conversation etc.

Good Luck!


Hi everyone! (sorry I might be spamming on dif pages here on wikijobs)

I am very interested in consulting, but I was wondering HOW MUCH does the graduate position in management consulting like yours pay annually exactly, if you don’t mind sharing with us? I actually have a consulting offer with another of the big 4, but I also hv an interview for this with pwc coming up so i was trying to weigh up any and every difference btw these 2 if possible…I definitely respect PwC’s capabilities in this area very much hence my question.

THANKS if anyone can answer this precisely, my friend who just got an Economics consulting job offer is being paid exactly GBP29k so I guess it’s entirely the same for their management consulting, and perhaps also for strategy consulting?


Sorry forgot to ask these too if anyone knows…)
ALSO HOW will the pwc Management consulting graduate programme work:

  1. how long is the graduate programme?
  2. will you be allocated to a specific competency/focus area (like people, finance, supply chain management), or to a specific group of clients (financial services, etc.)?
  3. will there be rotations across different focus areas during the grad prog?
  4. will you/can you study for any professional qualification (like ACA or CIMA) during or at the end of the graduate programme?




Since PWC states that thier salary is ‘competitive’ I assume that it will not be very different from your friends starting salary.

I’ve got an interview an PWC for consulting and wondered whether you have any tips for it?



Heya I got this from Sa_sha_1 who got it from a PwC manager, and I thought it wld be best to share it with everyone (some you can find on their website but a lot you can’t so i found it very beneficial):

  1. The graduate programme in Consulting for PwC is known as the Foundation for the Future programme and lasts for 2 years. The aim of this period is to provide you with a wide range of experience across many different areas from government to finance to the private sector and often not for profit organisations as well. I would stress that if one of these areas really interests you, or one really does not for that matter, the company aims to work around your preferences. For example, should you really enjoy one area, the flexibility of our way of working means you are able to do a number of projects in a particular area should you wish.

  2. As a graduate starter, you would receive 6 weeks training at the beginning of your employment, followed by a day’s training every three months. On top of this formalised structure, a wide variety of more specialised training is available in different sectors. For example, I have done a large amount of work in Health and have therefore attended a number of training days about different aspects of the NHS.

  3. During the first 2 year period, you will not be aligned to a competency or focus area. As a graduate starter you remain free of the different competencies in order to allow you to move between them and try different areas to gain experience and see which you find most suits you. After two years you will be encouraged to choose a compentency and at that point you will join a specific one.

THANKS Sa_sha_1!!!


I have recently applied for the PR graduate scheme.

First I got a telephone interview. The lady was very rude and asked a few personal questions but I understand this as it is a PR role.

Then I was invited to the AC which had 1 group exercise, 1 personality test, 1 something i cannot remember, 1 interview and a so called “merry go round”.

During the group exercise there were people from many different countries. The case study was based on lady whose husband has died due to taking one of your clients energy drinks. And the case study asks you to do a financial analysis of how this law suit will impact the company. And make an arrangement with the lady and how to hide it from the media. As the PR representative it is your duty to come up with a way to find how to keep this hidden from the media.

Perosnality test was very personal. There were questions like how many hours i sleep during the day and almost reached the stage of asking me about JT.

In the something i cannot remember part, I was required to talk with their represenatives in india and they had a very strong accent. Like “huttututtuttu butter goo”,


Hello All,
I have an AC soon and would like to get some information about the process. Firstly, could anyone reccomend a good website or book available online from where I could practice numerical and critical reasoning tests which are part of the Assessment day. Secondly, is there any particular preparation required for the individual/group exercise? Thanks alot for your assistance