PwC Management Consulting offer 2014


Hi everyone,

A week ago I got an offer from PwC Management Consulting 201 intake, as wikijobs was extremely helpful for me, I want to share my experience and give some advice.

Online application

Try to be very careful with dates, and pay attention to gaps in the biography, also show a big motivation in the 500 words that are allowed to use. The invitation to tests are automatic so the systems sends it within 5 hours after submiting.

Numerical tests ere quite easy for me, lots of calculation, but too hard. Logical ones requrie some practice, which I didnt do , but still not hard. On Assesment centre Numerical are becoming a bit harder, but logical ones are the same,

Telephone interview
This interview is purely competency based and was focused on the key compentencies mentioned in the website. Btw the same with partner interview

My big advice is try to enjoy AC, although its very hard but if you just relax the result will be good. it is consisted of report , group excercise and test. so should be very foucsed for all 4 hours and try to enjoy the tame with other candidates.

Let me know if you have any questions, will be happy to help.


Hi good to hear you got an offer.

How was the partner interview?

Ive applied to Belfast one and they want me to chose a service line in economic and policy, research or technology and really do not know which one to chose.

I assume yours is in UK.

Also I heard the salary is not graduate level in Belfast any confirmation on this


Would you be able to give more insight into the assessment centre? I have my management consulting AC on 20th Feb. Thanks!


Mine involved testing again

Written exercise - had to read quickly and write a report

Group exercise again time to read then discuss all timed

I enjoyed mine


Were the others in your group also applying for the same programme, or is the group exercise standard for all programmes?