PwC logical reasoning test


Hi everyone,

I have been invited to take an online logical reasoning test. Does anyone know of a site with practise tests ?



I take it you don’t mean [[verbal reasoning]] tests? - if so we have one here - [[verbal reasoning]].


I was definitely told; logical reasoning test.


Ok - I could be wrong here, but I would have thought you’ll be getting an [[SHL]] style [[verbal reasoning]] test just like the one on WikiJob, as this is the style of test PwC usually use. However, they may have changed over to usuing [[logical reasoning]] tests (which are also sometimes known as [[|logical reasoning|verbal critical reasoning]] tests, if so this site may help - .

However, I’d give them a call again and just check exactly what you need to prepare for. The different between [[verbal reasoning]] and verbal [[logical reasoning]] / critical reasoning isn’t huge, but it’s worth knowing exact what you’re going to be getting.


Thanks Reds,

Logical reasoning test is the same as a diagramatical reasoning test. Thanks for the sites


For PWC I did numerical reasoning, diagrammatic reasoning, and another one which now that I think maybe was logical reasoning - where you are presented with a situation and then given three potential answers?

It was easy anyway.


Hey Tokis,
It is exactly the same as the diagramatical reasoning test…there is a series of 5 diagrams, and you have to choose the next in the series.

Most are pretty straight forward, a few require an extra bit of thinking but if you do the full length practice on shl’s website then you’ll get a good idea of what its like!

Good luck.


Ok think there is some confusion here. Some companies refer to [[diagrammatic reasoning]] tests as ‘‘logical reasoning’’ - I guess thats what PwC are doing.

Really, [[diagrammatic reasoning]] tests should be referred to as Diagrammatic Reasoning tests, because officially, that’s what they are. [[Logical reasoning]] tests are critical thinking type tests which can be verbal or numerical and are used to find out candidates’ ability to deduce and interpret arguments - see [[logical reasoning]].

For help on [[diagrammatic reasoning]] see our page on this - [[diagrammatic reasoning|here]] and [ visit this site] which may be useful.


Hey Embee,

Is there a logical reasoning practice test on shl’s website ?



Hi people,

I have just completed PwC’s numeracy test and will do the verbal test tomorrow. Apparently, I also have to complete the student talent questionnaire during the process. Can anyone give me some information about this questionnaire, please?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi Tokis,
yeah there is a test on the shl website but its under ‘diagrammatic reasoning’. If you choose to look at the pratice questions, at the bottom there is a link that says ‘take a full length test’. Just pop in your details, do the test and they give you the percentage you got right. You cant get the answers, but if you note down the ones you’re not sure of, you can always register again and try and work them out!

Good luck!


I did that student talent questionnaire a couple weeks ago. They just give you a situation and you choose which option you are most likely to pick. e.g. your lunch break is coming up and what would you rather do 1) go to a skills training session 2) have lunch with the new joiners 3) read some work-related book.
Just be honest. I picked no.2 for that question and I still got through

Also for the logical reasoning I thought I did badly… skipped a couple questions but still made it to next stage (interview)


Hi the09,

Which service line did you apply for ?


I’ve completed the test today. Did well at first when when there’s 5 mins left and I have another 8 questions to deal with, I was panicked!! brain stopped working and simply answered the question.

My advise to everyoe, you really need to be very calm to do these tests. Not so sure if I could make it to the next stage, fingers crossed.

all the best to everyone!


the09, I did the student questionnaire, it’s exactly what you described.

I think, they want to know if u are brave enough to point out your clients’/leaders’ mistakes. I just be honest when answering the questions.


Tokis I applied for HR Services (Tax)


Hi all,

I applied for assurance with PWC and online and in the assessment day i had to complete numerical and logical reasoning tests.

PWC do call their diagrammatic tests logical reasoning and i didnt have to complete a verbal reasoning at any stage.

Hope that helps


I have the PwC assessment centre soon and would like to brush up on my logical reasoning for the diagrammatic test. I’m sure someone has posted on here before and mentioned a book that they used for the PwC diagrammatic reasoning test, but cannot find the post anywhere. Therefore, does anyone know of a book that provides SHL style diagrammatic reasoning questions?



Hey Imiliano,

I think you’re talking about the ‘How to pass Professional Level Psychometric tests’ by Sam Al-Jajjoka. I got it from the library after reading a post on here saying it was helpful…it does have a few examples similar to shl on pages 81-84, but personally I found repeating full length shl practice tests online, and understanding the logic more useful. The paper test at the assessment day isn’t too difficult, you just have to recognise the patterns quickly.
If you can find the book in a library, make use of it, but I personally don’t think its worth buying it if you’ll only use it for the one test. Although it is useful for other tests too!
hope thats the book you were thinking of!

Good luck


Thanks embee16, that’s great :smiley: not sure if I’ll buy it or not yet! Anyway, I have been on the SHL website and practiced a logical test (whic I found easier than the actual one I sat for PwC) - do you know if there is more than one logical/diagram practice test on the SHL website - or did you just repeat the same test until you understood every question…?

Thanks again