PwC Logical Reasoning Test - Question



I’ve been invited to take PwC’s online tests (for applying to their internship), which includes their logical reasoning test. I just wanted to make sure, are all the questions of the type where you get a sequence of diagrams and then you have to chose the next one in the sequence, or do they include the types with rules and flow charts, and applying the rules to new situations? I’m just worried as I have only practiced the former types, and just wanted to be sure about the type of questions.

Thank you.


should all be the former


Yup, as dave says, they should all be the same; a series of diagrams and you have to choose what comes next. So exactly what you’ve practiced.

Good luck with it


does pwc have verbal reasoning test? or they do not require?


PWC use SHL don’t they? In that case, it is the former as said by the others. SHL have good examples that you should try including a full length test. They are easier than numeracy I found but they take alot of time.


hey london bloke, nope no verbal reasoning test, just numerical and diagrammatic.
And like chucky sayd there are full length practice tests on the shl website which are exactly the same style, so prepare you well!