Hi guys,

Ive got PwC legal AC coming up and was wondering if anyone here has been to one for PwC legal before???

Or does anyone know how it will differ from the general PwC route (if at all)??




Hi. Can you please tell me in detail how the AC went for PWC legal? What questions were you asked, and how long was the day? Also, if you received and accepted an offer, did you get sponsorship for the LPC?

Thank you in advance.


Niao - Can i ask the same thing, how did your AC go for PwC Lega? What questions did they ask? Was their a partner interview? Was it competencies or current affairs?


Solicitor2be, no it’s not the normal PwC route. Yes, you are going to have to complete the assault course and the running from hungry vicious dogs through a field as usual - but you’ll also be required to wear nothing but an old man’s pair of well-worn y-fronts and big hobnail boots three sizes larger than your normal shoe size. Apparently PwC think that this sorts the men from the boys…get through that lot, and you’ve got a career for life at PwC!