PwC Legal- Vac Scheme Online Assessment & Application process


Hi everybody,

I’ve just been informed that i have to complete the online logical reasoning test & verbal reasoning test along with a questionnaire style test to progress to the next stage of the application process.

I have a few questions that I hope someone can provide the answer to.

  1. Are there any online logical reasoning practise tests that are similar/ the same as the one used by PwC Legal?

2)What is the overall application process for the PwC legal vacation scheme? and

  1. What kind of questions are asked in interviews with PwC Legal?

Thanks guys.


The verbal reasoning test is standard and there are many samples out there. You read a passage and have to answer if statements are true, false or if there is insufficient information to repond (cannot say). It is esay to jump to conclusions and circle true for some of the statements but upon a closer analysis of the text you will often find that there is insuffient information to make the claim - be careful not to let your outside knowledge of a topic sneak in as only what is in the passage is to be relied upon.

The graphic test is a series of patterns and they are standard so I am sure you can search samples on the internet. It is probably best to prepare yourself for more questions if you are invited to the assessment day as I am pretty sure the test was longer, and with a few slightly more challenging questions (or a least they seemed that wan on test day).

The interview was less formal than others I have been to and didn’t last longer than an hour. The questions are a mix of standard questions which you can google (PWC standared interview questions… there is a list of about 30) and random questions to learn more about your personality. They know what they are looking for so the best strategy is probably just to be yourself and see if you and the interviewer get on. It isn’t a grilling though, which is what I was expecting.

They are looking for the PWC core traits (they call them something different which I can’t think of now) and for example they are integrity and honesty, passion for client service, commercial awareness, and so on. These are on the website. My advice would be to actually think long and hard if you have these traits and why. If you can back each trait up, you will be well prepared for the questions.

Best of luck!

And don’t worry, they were all really friendly and welcoming. I have been to other Open Days that were more stressful than their Assessment Day with some of the big city firms. They really do make you feel welcome and it is actually really fun!



I am wondering if anybody has completed an assessment day for PwC Legal in the past year or so and can offer any help or tips as to what to expect from each stage? Is the written exercise the same as described in the posts for the Professional Services firm or is it more specific to law (like a case study etc)?

Re the group exercise, is anyone aware of the standard criteria in terms of what they look for from you during the discussion? I guess the obvious is to make a contribution, but show that you listen to others etc. But are there any huge no-nos for example?

I’m feeling a bit nervous as there isn’t a huge amount of information on PwC Legal as opposed to the professional services firm.




I found The Gateway careers online was a great resource for this kind of information. It has really good articles on interview advice and commercial awareness. There is also a section specifically on PwC which could be useful for assessment days. You can also subscribe for free online to the fortnightly e-version of the paper.
Hope this helps!


Hi, Ive got a telephone interview soon. Can anyone help me with what questions they ask? How hard was it?