PwC / KPMG Working Hours (UK)


I’ve heard the working hours at PwC fluctuate a lot during the year and that during the busy season most trainees will be working until 10pm or later. Can anyone give me any advice on this from their experience?



So, yes throughout busy season (January - March usually), the working hours can be quite long (yes maybe 10pm or later), dependent on your client. For the few weeks up to signing the accounts the hours can get extremely long (much later than 10pm), however don’t worry as it is pretty short lived. You are also not allowed to take holiday during these months.
The teams usually give a couple of days off to account for these long hours, plus some audit meals/ drinks etc.

For the rest of the year it is very dependent on what clients you are working on and teams etc, in terms of how many hours you work. However, during this time, in general teams are much more flexible in terms of holiday, leaving earlier etc, and your hours will be more like 9am-6pm.

Hope this helps!