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Hi all, as most of the others, I can’t express my gratitude to everyone who has helped me through Wikijob. I will be posting more details of the stages I went through.

But in short, I have been offered a role with KPMG - actuarial (last week) and PwC - assurance/risk assurace (today) and I had been invited to Deloitte final stage - consulting, next week or so. So for those who are actually having your assessment very soon please PM me or just reply to this post - which ever from above 3 companies and I will be more than happy to help - sorry if replies lag as I am travelling abroad.

Thank you so much everyone.


Congratulations - So which one are you going take?


Seriously I am not sure yet. I am not from UK, so I will decide when I am back home in a couple of days. Any comments regarding the choices and anyone’s experience or opinion is most welcomed. I have to make the hardest decision of life soon :slight_smile:


Hey SRK86 - Congratulations on getting so many offers, well done! I’ve been also invited to assesment centre stage of PWC on the 26th of May. I feel myself a bit lost due to the fact that they have changed application and assesment centre process on 18th of April. I’ve read all the posts on previous assessment centres, but now, don’t know what to expect really… Could you please share your experience on assessment centre, what was different, what topic you were given for report writing exercise, what was the topic of group exercise and how quickly they got back to you after assesment centre? Your help is much appreciated, cheers


Thanks Malohat…Congrats for getting to the final stage. The assessment is no much difference as the previous ones except that it is split into the assessment center and the final interview. So it is the same for the assessment where you will do a written exercise, a group one and the numerical and diagrammatic tests on hard copy. We were 12 of us on that day surprisingly and 4 of them for summer internship and everyone applied for different roles. Just remember you aren’t competing with others but to the benchmarks set by PwC. The written exercise was about the water consumption and the group one was about criteria to be considered for a new environmental thing (can’t recall exactly now) but just as the previous posts. I had my 1st interview through the phone as I was not in UK and they got back to me within 4 hours. Then I finished the assessment at 1pm on a Friday and I had the call by 3pm inviting me for the final interview which was few days after. I finished my final interview at Embankment office where the partner had to go to meet a client so he accompanied me to the tube and told me that I was through and will be in touch soon. The next day the HR called giving feedback and talking through the after offer process. Anything else in specific PM me. Nothing hard, just be yourself and be professional and make sure you want to work for them.


Thanks, SRK86, that was really helpful, I appreciate your response


how long is the written exercise? Was it new to PWC AC?


It is just 2 pages i.e. front back of a single A4 sheet and it is 30 mins, so write fast. Read for the first 10 mins and decide and structure and the last 20 minutes is to write and check.


HIII friends, m divya here. interested to pursue career in risk n advisory. can anyone tell me how many work exp is required for this, i have done mba and have work experience as equity advisor. can anyone help me out


Hey guys, I have been invited to take online test by Deloitte and KPMG. Any tips on strategy? Which one is harder? Which one shall I take first? etc

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


Hi Ivanah,

The KPMG’s is the hardest. Verbal and numerical with verbal first I think…Just be accurate and don’t simply guess if you can’t finish it. The passing mark is quite low. For verbal read the passage and be quick - 1 passage for 3 questions so you just have to skim through the passage and the answers…For numerical be super quick…If you couldn’t get the answer at the 1st attempt as there are 10 options ie A, B, C, D, E, AB, AC etc just skip and go to the next as you can come back to it later…Practise hard for this with percentages, ratios, exchange rate conversion, etc, this site might be the best help…

If you can manage this other firms’ tests are all super easy…All the best


Thanks SRK86

I am looking through the assessmentday tests. Many of them seem too easy. How would you compare the assessmentday tests to KPMG’s tests?


Hi Ivanah,

I am scheduled for the AC at Deloitte soon. The tests for Deloitte were SHL, so if you can crack those, then it should be alright. Work cautiously, if you’re not sure of any answer, I’d advice that it’s best to skip, rather than having an incorrect answer. The telephone interview is also very basic - Why Deloitte, and what will you be doing in your first year?

Hope it helps,
Good Luck.


Hi there,

They would certainly help but the KPMG ones are set in a way you feel the pressure…That’s all - so just don’t blank out or panic…


SRK86, lots of congrats for your offers! It’s so amazing getting so many offers especially as an international student…you must feel very lucky. I have been searching over a year without success but I won’t give up :). Have you decided which one you are going for? It’s a tough one, they are all brilliant…


Thanks alot PT29 and SRK86

I did the tests yesterday, KPMG impossible so unfortunately I didnt get passed.

Deloitte I passed the numerical. Amazingly the warm ups were more difficult than the actual test!

Any tips on the Deloitte verbal test.

Thanks in advance.


KPMG is the most difficult one, so don’t get too upset. I find Deloitte verbal at the same level of IELTS reading tests. don’t get stuck at particular questions, you’ll be fine.


Thanks matai.


Hey SRK86 - Congratulations on getting so many offers! I’ve been invited to an assesment centre for KPMG on the 13 of June. I feel very nervous about the partner interview. Could you please share your experience on Partner Interview? Which company did you do your presentation on? what sort of advice have you given to the company and how could KPMG help? What sort of questions did your partner ask regarding your presentation? What additional business question did your partner ask? How long did you prepare for your presentation? Thank you so much for your help! sorry about this long listed questions.


I also get the offer from PwC. Could you tell me how they will send you the offer pack? By email or post? Thx!