PWC ITRA Training/Qualifications


I’ve been having trouble finding concrete information on the sort of training/qualifications that would be done as part of the IT Risk Assurance scheme. Depending on where I look/who I talk to, either I would be doing the ACA, I wouldn’t be doing the ACA or I would only be doing certain relevant modules/sections of the ACA. Information on this stuff for the more role specific stuff (So, the IT/Security/etc side of things) is even harder to find.

Would anyone be able to help shed a little light on this for me?


Hi Zakkia,

I can confirm that if you join the Risk Assurance practice as a graduate at PwC, you will be doing the entire ACA qualification! There isn’t an opt-out option for this either, all graduations within the assurance practice (IT or otherwise) complete the ACA.

Hope this helps!