PwC Interview Questions & Partner Experience

Just had my PwC Partner Interview - It was heavily competency based, focusing on about 8 different ‘Tell me when you…’.

Here are the list of questions that I sourced from around the forum (Occurring in PwC Telephone or Partner Interviews)

  • When you’ve Asked to do something against your belief?
  • When you’ve had a conflict or Issue with a colleague/Customer
  • When you’ve Applied skill from university to work
  • When you’ve Acted with No Guidance
  • When you’ve Recognised an Error / Corrected someone’s mistake
  • When you’ve Given Feedback
  • When you’ve Looked for connections beyond your network?
  • When you’ve Developed a new or better way of doing something
  • When you’ve Shared knowledge
  • When you’ve Convince/persuade someone of something - Worked with a group which has opposing views
  • When you’ve Improved a piece of work after criticism / Received feedback and improved
  • When you’ve Demonstrated exceptional service
  • When you’ve Successfully managed a project – Challenges overcame, who supported you, Outcome
  • When you’ve Failed to accomplish something / deadline
  • Biggest Failure
  • When you’ve Built a relationship
  • When you’ve Worked with someone with a different style – how did this differ to your own.
  • When you’ve Weren’t given enough guidance
  • When you’ve Worked with people outside your usual network
  • When you’ve Complex problem / Unpredictable Circumstances
  • When you’ve Multiple projects and a short deadline
  • When you’ve Built a strong relationship for short time
  • When you’ve Dealt with some issue diplomatically
  • When you’ve Different roles while working on a project
  • When you’ve actively sought feedback
  • When you’ve Raised concern with a colleague or classmate
  • When you’ve Completed a task with no supervision
  • When you’ve Sought different perspectives to solve a problem / Raised concern with a peer
  • When you’ve Worked in a team to achieve a goal

Hey, were the questions similar to the ones asked during the phone interview? Did your partner asked anything regarding current business issues? If yes, how did you answer?

How do you feel you did? Have you received an offer/feedback?

Felt it went good, heard some people had very informal chats with their interviews which was unlike mine. But, still waiting to hear back.

Yeah similar ones revolving around the pwc professional. I wasn’t however it is something that may be asked under business accumen. I had prepared to talk about the EU Audit reform - auditors forced to change audit clients every 10 years, and only provide non-audit services to those clients equating to a maximum of 70% of the audit bill. This obviously has a knock on affect to consulting, so would’ve talked about that.

Best of luck, mine is tomorrow

How did it go???

Thanks very much for posting this. Can I ask what kind of questions they asked about commercial awareness / business acumen? Congrats on getting the interview and best of luck to you!

Your partner interview sounds like a very formal interview. Which office did you apply to?

Hi, thanks for your sharing, could you share something about how did you pass your assessment centre?