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Hi everyone! I apologise if this topic is in the wrong place but I’ve only just joined the site. I have an assessment day with PwC for Assurance on Wednesday and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what they might ask me in the interview? I did a languages degree and I’m currently doing Teach First so I’m not really up to date on markets and finance and what not! Any advice about the whole process in general would also be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much! x x


Firstly, do a search of this forum - a wealth of information regarding interview questions!

Good luck


completely agree with the above

The assessment day will generally consist of retake of numerical and logic tests, group exercise and individual written assignment and partent interview

The retake tests are standard. I found them to be exactly the same but you have the added bonus of having a booklet so if you dont like a questions you can flick forward and pick out the easiest (i.e pie charts lol). I got told that you only have to beat the majority the people who take the test (i.e 50th percentile)

The individual exercise is about a biscuit factory in which you are given 2 choices to invest in. This is just a simple test of our basic writng skills. Befote I had the AC I created a general skeleton . (Intro, pros and cons, conclusion). To be fair if you did a language degree you will sail through

the group exercise isnt about getting the correct answer (as my group were crap lol). To ensure you make the most impact; try and lead an idea, make a reference to time running out, be polite and positve, dont be aggressive or talk over other member

The partner interview was REALLY laid back. I applied to a regional office so maybe their interview process is a litle different. I didnt get anymore competencies (although I people who have in the past). He just asked why I had choosen that branch, asked about motivation to ACA ect. I did an accounts degree so maybe he decided not to give me commerical awareness question… i dont know. I think if a partner takes to you personally (i.e your a nice person and he thinks clients will like you) and you pass the minimum benchmarks on the AC you be fine

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Thank you so much for your help! The group task really sounds like the Teach First one so I should be ok with that, and I quite like doing logical tests, when I did mine I had been teaching an entire day and found looking at the screen really difficult so I’m glad it’s paper! Right just need to research a bit more about the ACA qualifications and assurance at PwC and that’s as much as I can do I think! Thank you!


Go on the Kaplan website rather than ACA, as thats who teaches the course. So much easier to understand



Go on the Kaplan website rather than ACA, as thats who teaches the course. So much easier to understand



please can some1 help with a site to study for PWC numerical and verbal reasoning assessments…