PWC Interview Question: What differentiates PWC from other big 4 firms?


Any suggestion?


They’re not as good as KPMG…? :wink:


Hi I wasn’t asked about this in my interview. But I think I’d talk about the variety of their clients, the training and support they give, their commitment to community and sustainability, they’re the top graduate recruiter, and I’m applying for audit, it’s their core business. But those are only my opinions…


I was asked this question recently. I talked about how it was easy to make a case for PwC being the biggest and best (largest turnover, market share of the FTSE 100 etc). Also mentioned positive feedback from friends working for the firm and the consistently excellent performance on lists such as the Times Top 100.


I agree, big 4 are more or less the same, better show them you have done some reseach and prove it with some NUMBERS


i have an assesment day with pwc and any help will be appreciated


i m having my assesment day on thursday. will let u know my outcome


Mine is on Thurs, will also post one here!


thanks guys, see your joyful posts soon
good luck


Hi glockensiel. can you tell us what was your topic of discussion aslo, in your first interview what was the main focus other than competency based questions?


thanks mate, it is a very good input. I will consider all what you mentioned in setting myself up for my first interview. What was your Ideal Client? Do I need to talk about my Ideal Client during the first interview? Or any topic to prove my “excellent” commercial awareness? Did the interviewer ask you about any specific commercial awareness question or you just mentioned it to them that you want to talk about RBS server sale.

thanks mate, appreciate!


Thanks glockenspiel. I applied for assurance/london. I chose a company that is struggling with debt management and is in red tape now. Like many other companies it is not able to sustain its liquidity. I think I will have to come up with new ideas as well. anyway thanks a ton.


I’ve just finished the AC today. Really want to know the results right now.


it is interesting to know more about ongoing ACs, what was your AC experience like sunny851123?


I’m a junior in college majoring in economics and accounting.

What is an AC? Is it for the UK? (I just found out that this site is .uk! oh)

Is the firm website really the best source you can get information on corporate culture and financial position in the industry (ie metrics like turnover and market share).

I guess I could look at their annual financial statements but it seems you guys also look at tihrd-party published lists… what lists are the best ones to look at?



good job!


I had my assessment centre (AC) today for London Assurance and was called today to offer me a job. I used the PwC careers website, the PwC 2008 annual report (link from careers website) and for all of my information. My interviewer asked of things in the last 6 months that have affected accoutancy (so not SARBOX really) I spoke about the Orchid group going into administration and being sold in 2 weeks and also about Lehmans as PwC are making something like £200,000 an hour from it. I was then pressured into how I would advise firms during the credit crunch and the director taking the inteview really did pressure me (basically arguing against securing liquidity), but I held my point, although he explained it better than I did afterwards and apologised for the pressure, but they are only looking for awareness and not the perfect answer.

Go through the Global Core Competancies and give a strong example for each one and try and structure your answer with this in mind. It’s all very well telling them about the example but demonstrate in your answer how it meets the competancy! I was praised for having concise answers and not rambling on, so stick to the point, but make sure you say how you met the competancy in your answer as that is what they are looking for.

The tests were harder than online, but some with some practice you should be fine. The group exercise was enjoyable, just make sure you contribute, don’t hog all the talking and ensure everyone has a say and following the instruction to complete your objectives.

If you have any questions then let me know!


Thank you. It looks like I have some homework to do this holiday season.


Hi Colouringin,

I’m wondering when u suggested that we should “telling them about the example but demonstrate in your answer how it meets the competancy!”… do you mean after I tell them my example, I should say it explicitly like " I know this is what PwC is looking for… and this example that is given shows that I got such competecies etc??"


read the global core competencies page on the website and in your example show how you met these. Don’t say this is what PwC are looking for, the interviewer will know which competency he’s assessing. What I’m trying to say is make sure your example covers exactly what they have put down on the careers website. Demonstrate to them that you can meet the competencies they are looking for through past experieces and let the interviewer do the rest!