PwC Internship 2014


Similar to pretty much everyone I know, wikijobs has been invaluable to their successes with their applications, so I thought I would share my experiences. Most of what i’ll say will be about the partner interview given that there is masses about the other stages throughout the site.

Psychometric tests: just practice them until you literally cannot practice them anymore, and then do 100 more. You’d be gutted not to succeed whether it be at the AC or online because you couldn’t do maths. The style of questioning just takes some getting used to. Personally I used and paid for a few maths and logical tests. They were particularly useful as they provide you with feedback unlike the SHL website. They’re nothing to worry about just practice.

AC: Group exercise - get everyone involved, don’t try and dominate the convo but don’t be quiet in the corner. Find the right balance and don’t over think it you should be fine. Make sure you understand the task and just get your points across calmly and apply some logic. Be polite, make eye contact etc etc
Written - a basic report. Headings (underlined), bullet points and MAKE SURE you have an INTRO AND CONCLUSION.

Final Interview: EVERYONE said to me its going to be a friendly chat, and i didnt believe them. I guess this is somewhat dependant on the actual partner you get, but mine was literally a chat with a really nice guy who seemed genuinely more interested in whether i was a good fit for the office and could hold a decent convo with someone which will be key in assurance ie client meetings.
The interview is where i was most hung up on i honestly did hours and hours and hours of research but it’s far simpler than most think it is (although it doesnt hurt to be researched - it is a competitive job after all). Competency Qs will be in line with their core global competencies that are online.
Everyone seems to be worried about commercial awareness, but there really is no need. Read the news once a day (business news - bbc, economist, and get into a habit before your interview. It takes 10 mins and then this aspect becomes easy. It MAY come up in your interview but you can be assured that you wont be caught out with nothing to say. If you know a bit about whats going on in the world then you can chat with the guy/girl about it and you will come across as well read (even if you’re not) because you seem calm. In saying that, i know people that had entirely competency based interviews so i would say pay more attention to making notes and having good references in your life where you have displayed the core competencies on their website.
In terms of actual questions, the interview flows nicely and they try to put you at ease and as such it doesnt really feel like they are directly grilling you (unlike the phone interview), but a few generic qs could be:

what do you do when everyone in a group has a conflicting opinion to yourself
current story and pros and cons to pwc
why pwc
why accounting
why assurance
why you will be a good auditor
how will you add value (and how do Pwc add value to their clients)
when you went outta your way to learn a new skill other than in education
A time you persuaded someone to your way of thinking
A time you exceeded someone’s expectations
A time you learnt something
A time you were put outside of your comfort zone
A time you pushed yourself
A time you built a relationship
etc etc

This stage is very nerve racking but probably the easiest and should go fine as long as you are polite and calm and can hold a convo and have done a little bit of research. The average pass rate is like 75%-80% so dont be too worried.
Happy to answer any questions you may have and good luck!


Also to add, apply early. As early as you can. I got my offer the other day and i took the last place in my office. So the quicker you can get in the better. I waited about 3 MONTHS for my partner interview so no news isnt bad news.