PwC Internship 2013 - 20 minute first interview


Hey, I have a 20 minute PwC telephone first interview coming up. This seems like something new since the internship process was normally a jump from the tests to Assessment Day. But they seem to have added in the first interview step that graduates go through but made it shorter in terms of length for interns.

I was wondering what type of questions to expect. It seems like too short a time to ask a substantial amount of questions. Has anybody been through this shorter telephone interview?


Just to clarify, only recently (within the last year) did they get rid of the telephone interview stage for interns. (I had one last september). They obviously noticed that far too many candidates were being passed on to the AC and it wasn’t very efficient. The telephone interview stage effectively filters out ‘unsuitable’ candidates.

I would assume you will be asked the same sort of questions as the full length interview, just less of them. That, however, is just a hunch.

Good luck


Hey Ape Gone Insane,

I have a telephone interview next Saturday for the Summer Internship program. How did yours go? Can you please share types of questions they’ve asked you?