PWC Insight


Hi, I submitted application for PWC Insight day on Sunday night they were quick, e-mailed back on Monday morning
1234 for some further info about international qualification and around 1530 I received an e-mail to call them for
suitable date, confusion am having is I read on a forum they normally ask you to do a test online,
they didn’t asked in my case or they want me to call and after a small interview typr chat they will offer me the place.
Thanks in advance


lucky, you might be special for them with your outstanding work at the uni’s

can you elaborate on their 1234 email about the international qualifications, it might be quite helpful to my friends. thanks


call them up


I have 2 undergraduate degrees one from UK and one international.

  1. MSc Finance and Econometrics writing dissertation 60% chances for a distinction.
  2. BSc Financial Economics, 2:1 (68%)
  3. BSc computer Sciences 83% (International)
    First time as there was not enough space and was tired from filling form, I didn’t mentioned my
    degree back home, so there was a gap of 3 1/2, therefore they contacted me what I did in that time period,
    and simple reply I did 3) above.
    so they don’t need to transform my undergraduate, international one can give me some edge.


I don’t think you should worry. The PwC insight course is a 2-day tour of [[PwC]] really- no interview or test required as far as I’m aware. If you’ve got it I wouldn’t worry too much!