PwC - How easy is it to move from one service to another after qualification?


Hi everyone,

I originally applied to Business Recovery Services in London, am at the Assesment Centre stage. But was told today that all places had been filled so have to move to another stream. There are plenty of Assurance schemes with places remaining, but I do not really want to pursue a career as an auditor. Do any of you guys know how easy it is to say complete the ACA in Assurance, and then switch to anothe department, like Corporate Finance for example? Is this normal practice?

Thanks very much in advance!


Hi Jon. It is very common to qualify and move out of auditing. The great thing about the ACA is that it gives you such a solid understanding of finance. It is very transferable. The main question is do you want to use 3 years of your life doing something you don’t want to do/like? Liking the job is so important, especially if you are working 12 hour days then revising in the evening! Do some research, ask some people and find out if it is worth it. Good luck!