PwC Higher Apprenticeship Public Sector Audit 2013


Hi there,

I’ve been offered a position on the higher apprenticeship for public sector Assurance 2013, if anyone would like any advice on the process then I am happy to help!

Also, is anyone else joining the same department in October?



Hey, congratulations on the offer!

How was your partner interview? Were there any strange/hard questions?

Thank you very much!


Thank you!
The partner interview was much more relaxed than I had expected! She introduced herself and explained her background and was extremely approachable.

The questions werent exactly easy, but I’d strongly recommend going through the compentices as they give a very clear indication of what they will ask and what they are looking for in response!

Be sure to make sure you keep up to date on current business news, and if you can make sure that it is relevant to the position you apply for or something that may affect PwC all the better. For example, Deloitte had just been fined when I went to my partner interview, so after I answered her question I asked the partner whether she felt it could have an impact on PwC.

The question I was worried about the most was anything about current/past projects PwC were working on. I found the annual review really helpful, this also gave me some ideas on questions to ask her at the end!

What position are you applying for if you dont mind me asking?? and congrats on coming this far! It can be a really daunting process but try and enjoy it as much as possible!!!



Thank you for the advice! I’m applying for Assurance as well.

Did PwC got back to you with the offer quickly?


Yeah pretty quickly! I had my interview on a Wednesday and the partner who interviewed me phoned on the Friday to let me know. Although I have heard some can take up to 5 days and others who have heard the same day, so I guess it all depends how busy the person who interviews you is!

Good luck! Just ask if you need any more help!!

Thanks x


Great job on obtaining an offer! I too am at the final interview stage for Assurance. Very nervous though since I really want this job!!!

May I ask should I prepare only the final interview competencies on their website? Or should I prepare the first interview ones as well? Did you have to re-use examples from your first interview?

Thank you and enjoy your new job!