PWC- help with application?


Who is your ideal client and what services do they provide?
What services and advice could PwC offer this client?
What commercial/industry issues are affecting this client in the business market that should be taken into account when a providing them with advice?
(maximum 500 words)*

I need help to answer this quesiton… Stuck!


Pick a company that you know a bit about and can talk about enthusiastically - probably best to go for a big company as you can find more media articles about them.

Ask yourself what challenges the company is facing then think a bit about how PwC could serve them. Have a good read through of all the services that PwC offer. Make sure you include a few of these in your answer.

If you are applying for actuarial make sure you pick a company that PwC may require actuarial consultancy services - e.g an insurance company. Focus a bit more on this section so they can see you understand the service line you have applied for.

Make sure you say why you picked the company - be enthusiastic.

Good luck!


" pick a company that PwC may require actuarial consultancy services"

sorry that should say - pick a company that may require actuarial consultancy services


Thank you. That was helpful.


I don’t seem to be passing the psychometric test for these big companies? Can i get some serious help with this too?