PwC: help required on a few tricky first interview question


Hi, got my first interview next week and struggling to find out exactly what types of answers are expected from the following questions:

  1. “where do you hope to be in 5 years?”
    Obviously it would be a good idea to say that I want to still be with the firm, but I was hoping for specific details, if anyone can help?

  2. “Why PwC?”
    Is ‘because they’re the best’ really enough here? Apart from this, I’m struggling to really separate PwC from the likes of KPMG and Deloitte.

  3. Evidence of commitment to career.
    To be honest, I’m really struggling to think of anything to support my case here. I’ve done no work experience and my degree isn’t even remotely related (I did English). Are there any clever ways round this that anybody knows?

  4. My first year
    Aside from acknowledging that I’ll be studying for my ACA qualification whilst working, are there any specific details that anyone knows of that would really impress the interviewer?

I’d be really grateful to anybody who can shed light on even one of the above areas. Thanks guys.


Hi Sean,

There’s loads of info on this website to give you more info on those, but you have to take the time read through a few of the past posts. If you want it bad enough I’d recommend you do it, I did and its worth it in the end.

I will give you some basic ideas to think about tho:

I’d say evidence to commitment to career doesn’t have to be past accounting knowledge, they’ve seen your application so will know your work experience and degree. But researching the role and requirements, and researching the area you are applying for in general and looking at current business risks will show commitment to the role. it was enough to get me through!!

PwC has been voted the best graduate recruiter for several years running, has some great clients. Maybe talk about the values that they require and why you feel you match those and could fit in well.

With all these questions theres no straight forward answer, but be honest…why do you want to work for them?? And where do you see yourself in a few year? progressed within the company? worked up to leadership roles?

And the first year? study study…ticking and checking…study study study…ticking and checking…
but seriously, learning is the biggest thing. hopefully using all opportunities to learn form the people you are working with.

make sure you research well. if you know alot, you are more confident, and can adapt to any of their questions.

good luck