PwC Graduates 2015


Hi everyone!

I thought I would make a thread for everyone starting PwC Graduate scheme in September 2015.

Look forward to hearing from you and potentially meeting some of you :slight_smile:


Hi, which programme and office will you be joining?


Assurance, London. What about you?


Hey im applying for assurance :slight_smile: and i saw your post! i was hoping please if you wouldn’t mind helping me with a few questions for it…

i was wondering for the online assessment what tests i would need to exactly prepare for? is it verbal. numeracy and logical? what tests did you do and would you recommend anything to help revise? I’ve heard the tests are generally harder at pwc

If you have any interview tips at all, or types of questions that were unusual, please let me know! And any advise on how best to prepare and impress at interview stage

Sorry for so many questions!
What tests can I expect on the assessment day?do you do any written exercises?

Thank you so much! Any information would be so helpful, thank you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


yes of course :slight_smile: so the online assessment consisted of a numerical and logical test as far as i remember (i did them over a year ago so i cant remember exactly). I think there are certain websites where you can practice the tests like the shl website. both my telephone interview and partner interview were very similar and mainly competency based. the only difference was partner interview was slightly more motivational (know why you applied for your specific role and what it involves). As long as you have about 2 examples for each competency you should be fine. In terms of the assessment centre, you will have to retake the numerical and logical tests, and there is also a written exercise which i really cant remember the content of but i remember when i was preparing i looked on some of the older threads here on wikijob and it really helped me.

Hope this helps and good luck!


Forensics/Assurance in London… will probably see you around!


Hey thank you so much! did you have your telephone interview after the online tests?

and did they ask you anything in the telephone interview to demonstrate commercial awareness such as discuss something major in the news?

I’m concerned if they ask me something about how I can relate something in the news to PWC. Are there any particular major topics that you know of that you could suggest me to read up about? I’m wondering whether i should focus on the business/ finance world in general or look at a particular company as a client of pwc. Or whether something in the news to do with assurance. If you have any suggestions please let me know :slight_smile: thank you ever so much :slight_smile:


Hi guys,
Any suggestions where I can buy a preparation pack for PwC first telephone interview?


My advice would be that you should never have to buy anything. There is a wealth of information on this site alone, covering common and key questions, the competencies tested and how to answer these. Furthermore, a lot of people here if you messaged them would be happy to offer advice based on their own experiences.


Hi guys, anybody out there going to be in the Manchester office?


thanks for such support mate…case is that I knew by heart all pwc competencies, I work an example for each single question mentioned on wikijobs, I worked as an auditor at big4 and construct my answers according to pwc competencies and audit requirements and even though I failed already 2 times, while with the same examples I pass other BIG4 inteviews…so actually I just need someone to discuss my examples and say what’s wrong with them


I’m not an oracle when it comes to these things and can’t guarantee I have any good advice, but by all means send me a message and we could discuss it more specifically.



Anyone has any idea what I should fill in for my Secondary Eduaction if I didn’t do AL? Coz I only did foundation courses


Hi guys,

Does anyone know for which PwC UK offices competition is low? Any suggestions?


Hi, I’m joining IT Risk Assurance London. Anyone else??


Hi Nath,

Congrats on getting in. I’d applied to PWC Manchester. Cleared the Assessments 2 days before. Still havent got a call. Any chances I’ll get one?


Yup! Manchester and tax, don’t know which team yet though. Did you initially apply for corporate tax?


Applied for a graduate place in general “tax” and then the partner who interviewed me assigned me to corporate tax based on her opinion of where I’d be most suited. Do you have any preference?


Do you mean assessment centre or numerical and logical reasoning assessments? Regardless, these things can take a while when the HR team are busy… Keep your fingers crossed and try and keep busy so you don’t dwell upon it! Good luck!


Ooh same here! But I was told I’d be placed into any team. I have been thinking to put a request in for specific team sooner rather than later, though i am leaning towards corporate tax too :slight_smile: Do you know much about the role besides whatever is available online?