PwC Graduate Tax Placement 2012

The Graduate

Is anyone doing this placement in London? I applied for the Feb start but have now been told I start in September! Originally I applied for the graduate programme but was transferred o the Graduate Tax Placement instead… now I’ll be doing my graduate programme in sept 2013… anyone else had the same news?


Same here as well. I have secured my offer now. Look forward to see u in September!


I have been offered the same as both of you - well done.

Are your placement 6 months or 1yr?

bsmith1 - have you been guaranteed a place on the graduate scheme in Sept 2013?


I have been offered the same as both of you - well done.

Are your placement 6 months or 1yr?

bsmith1 - have you been guaranteed a place on the graduate scheme in Sept 2013?


Count me in to start in Sep too!! Have you guys done all the pre-employement details?? If so, how long did it take? and what it your actual start date??


Telederm10, my placement is for 6 months.

Rorano, hi! good to know another joiner this Sept! I called the student advisor and was told the check may take around 15-20 working days to finish after our files were processed and passed to the team doing the check in Belfast. I think it might take a while. I havn’t get actual start date yet.


I haven’t been guaranteed a place on the grad scheme as HR said that it depends on the performance on the placement and whether I would actually want to continue to do the graduate scheme after doing the placement. She said around 95% of the people doing the graduate placement do go on to do the graduate programme, and usually the 5% accounts for people who did not want to continue onto the graduate scheme so don’t worry about that too much for now! I think mine is for 6 months, but I was told it could be for longer depending on business needs around that time!


Hi, I am joining the firm also on the grad placement scheme but I am still yet to receive my joining info! On embark it says that my start date is Sept 18th but that is all that I know! I have tried calling both the contact numbers supplied in previous emails but both keep going to their voicemails & HC Direct just keep telling me to hold a little longer! I just wondered if anyone else is having this problem? I know I am on their system because HC Direct are able to access my info and have said that I have a staffing number but they do not know why I am still yet to receive my joining email… I’m beginning to feel a little anxious since I am due to start in 2wks time!


Hi, JadeMarie. It’s the same with me. I called HC Direct last week and they were surprised as well! I am wondering if it is only two of us they’ve forgot or everyone is experiencing the same situation. Pls keep me updated when u rec’d ur joining info.


Hi Vitageyu! I finally got through to one of my contacts shortly after posting this today and she said that the information should have been sent to me weeks ago! She said she was going to get on to the new joiners team and get them to send it to me by the end of the day but I am of yet to have received it but I’ll give them until the end of tomorrow before I call her back! I’ll keep you posted! If one of the contacts you have is A.C (don’t want to put names on here so initials will do lol) then I advise you to contact her as this is who dealt with me today but whether it gets sorted or not I will not know lol…


Thanks for ur message! It’s the same response I got last Friday as well. Hope we can get it soon! I think otherwise I will give them a call tomorrow.


Hello, I am in the process of applying to the grad scheme for tax at PwC. You are all lucky that you have secured offers! Can any of you give any tips for the online tests? I keep practicing the inductive reasoning but am still not getting to grips with it. Did any of you purchase the wikijobs practice tests? were they good? thank you!


Hi Vintageyu, have you had any luck in receiving your joining info yet? I still haven’t received mine via email so I just called back today and she has said that she told someone to send it to me yday but that they will now post it to me and if I haven’t received it by Monday morning then I am to call back… (again)… its becoming a joke now! I don’t understand how hard it is to send an email… I have received all their other emails so they have my right address… Just hope it get to me by next week since by then we will only have one week until we start… By the way are you at the London office?


Hi Cork2, I’m guessing you are applying for the 2013 entry? For the online tests I would just say to take your time and try to remain calm… Don’t worry about finishing them, I don’t think I finished a single test during my application process… They aren’t looking for how quick you can get through; they want to see how analytical you are! If you don’t know it then skip it and keep going! They don’t like guessers neither! I never bought any practice tests… I just used SHL Direct’s online practice tests and these helped alot! Good luck and let us know how you do! Which office are you applying for?


Hi JadeMarie, I called again this morning and they promised to look into this. Finally I just get a messenger from them that they haven’t finalised the info pack yet as some course content is still to be revised. So I guess we just have to wait a little longer. Hope this relieve ur anxious.


Hi JadeMarie, thank you so much, so kind of you to advise! I am applying to the Gatwick office. Where will you be working? I am practicing all day today and then once I am confident I will submit my application, hoping to be fine by Sunday! Are the practice tests very similar to the actual tests? I am finding with the numerical reasoning, I am just learning the answers, rather than absorbing the theory which is not good!


Hey guys! to those of you who are on the graduate work placement for tax what is the salary?


can anyone give tips for my first interview? it is on monday!



i have a telephone interview coming up for a tax work placement position, would anyone mind giving me some tips / advice for it and any questions that could come up?

many thanks