PwC Graduate Scheme Spring 2016


I received an offer today for the Management Consulting Graduate Scheme in London starting in Spring 2016 and because WikiJob helped me so much throughout the application process I thought I’d try and help back! I completed the final interview only last week so it should all be pretty fresh in my mind if anyone has any questions about any of the stages!


Hey, congrats on your offer!

Just wanted to know, when did you apply? Did you initially apply for that start date? I wanted to apply for the same role in London for the same intake but I checked their website and they haven’t yet opened vacancies. Do you know if many people have rolled over to Spring 2016 if you applied a while ago?

Also, any chance you attended one of their career open days?


Hey ap12, thank you!!
I applied initially in January to a scheme starting in 2015 but then did not complete the tests until early March after which they told me that position was full and I was transferred to the Management Consulting Sept 2015 scheme. They then asked me to complete 1000 words of questions and after passing that I was told that position was now full and I was being transferred to the Spring 2016 one just before my telephone interview in April haha. All worked out for the best though! So yeah I rolled over a couple of times and people I met at the assessment centre said they had too!
I didn’t attend an open day actually so can’t tell you how useful they’d be but they definitely aren’t a requirement!


Ah ok. Great that you finally got there haha! I guess they won’t open vacancies until Sept, but while you’re around now I do have a few questions. Were there any questions that threw you off in the interview that fell outside of competency-based questions? Did they also want to know what plans you may have in between now and your start date? And, just in terms of the group work, this website has been great to find out the do’s and dont’s, but I wanted to know - do you get many opportunities to speak within the time limit? i.e. how is your contribution split up, is it a mix of brainstorming/discussion with everyone else and trying to convince people of your ideas? I’ve never done a group assessment centre before so just a bit out of the loop on how things work


The questions were pretty structured although he only asked one out of the two questions he was supposed to for each competency meaning I only had about 5 proper questions and the interview lasted for just over an hour so be prepared to have a lot to say!! He asked one question on pwc consulting for which he then asked loads of follow up questions which was a bit difficult! Also I was not asked a business story question.
No he didn’t ask about my plans.
You will decide how to split up your time as a group after initial individual reading/note taking time. I would suggest taking the lead as much as possible, asking other people lots of questions on their subjects and complimenting other people’s ideas!!


Ok thanks for the info!


Hi! Congrats on your offer! I recently applied for a scheme starting in April 2016 and I just booked in for my telephone interview. Can you please provide some tips how to prepare for this? Thanks a lot!


Hey congrats on getting through to the telephone interview stage! I mainly prepared answers to the questions I found on here (that seem to be asked most regularly) and by having a few examples I could make to fit a range of competencies! Make sure you read each of the five leadership competancies and what they exactly what from you. Also prepare a business topic you can talk about. They ask what pwc could do for that business/a business affected by the topic so know that! Also she asked me about the scheme structure which I hadn’t properly remembered so revise that! I think that’s pretty much everything!


Hey, I applied for the London Assurance 2016 spring intake role, completed the online tests and received an email , saying that I passed the online testes, my application is now being reviewed by recruitment team and I’ ll be in touch within the 5 working days. While 5 working days has passed and haven’t received any reply, is that mean I was not selected to have an telephone interview? should I email them or wait for more days? many thanks.


Hi Anntt, hope ur telephone interview went well! can I ask how long did they contact you after you received the email that saying you passed the online tests? They said they would contact me in 5 working days while I haven’t received any reply after the stated time, many thanks.


Hey I wouldn’t worry too much, it probably just means the recruitment team are quite busy and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can! Wouldn’t hurt to give them a quick ring or drop them an email though (I always rang as it’s an instant reply) just to speed them up a little!


Hi, it took a while for them to get back to me, because I transferred my application from Autumn 2015 to Spring 2016. I’m sure it was definitely more than 5 working days!


Hey, I have applied for assurance April 2016 intake Manchester. I have my AC on 10th september and it is the first for 2016 in manchester. Can you give me some detail about the writing and group task. Were they same as the last year’s i.e. water conservation. thanks.


Do you know when your start date is yet for spring 2015?


Hey !! I recently passed my telephone interview and have been invited to the London AC on the 26/08, I am most worried about the numerical tests, because Ive heard that it is harder than the online one we did at the start due to even stricter time constraint. I was wondering if somebody knows that it is the same set of questions ? Or is it completely different or with some reoccurring ones from the first one ? Also, can somebody recommend me the most suitable places to find practice from ?

Thanks x


Hi, can i know what happened afterwards? I have the same situation. I passed online test, and the following day they sent me an email requiring ‘further information to fully review my application’. I replied the email directly and immediately. But after that it has been five working days, I still hear nothing from them.


Congrats on the role!

Is this the Strategy& scheme? Does anyone know whether the September 2016 scheme is open for Strategy&?

Would be good to have some info on the application process/interviews forge Consulting stream.



Hi, please could you share your experiences of the Senior interview.



Hi, congrats on passing the online tests. Could you tell me if the online tests for Assurance consist of numerical and inductive reasoning tests? did you have to do the verbal reasoning test as well? Thanks


hey did you delete your response? I had an email saying you had replied to me