PwC Graduate Programme 2020


Just to shed some light on the delays, PwC said they have had 40k applications in just 3 month ( they said this the AC I attended) they only have invited 500 from the 40k for the 2020 intake so far

So relax it takes time to process applications :nerd_face:


Hi everyone,

Just as Numaan said with the volume of applications, just don’t forget to check your actual application portal. I just logged in to my candidate portal today and it already said “No longer being considered for the position” In other words, I failed but the system hasn’t bothered (or had a chance) to send me a rejection email. Anyone who is anxious, you may already have an outcome. Best of luck everybody


Hi guys,

Just received a call saying I passed the AC, however, got the biggest kick in the balls…

I originally applied for the deals graduate programme in Birmingham, however, the place for that programme has been filled even before I was able to sit the assessment centre.

Therefore, based on my profile (Algorithms the system uses to see what role best fits you) suggests that I’m a good fit

  1. All Consulting roles
  2. Deals
  3. Actuarial

Everything apart from tax and audit and guess what?

all the roles are filled apart from TAX & AUDIT. The roles I’m a good fit for are only now available in Northern Ireland.

I dunno how I feel right now :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Anyone know if there is a waiting list ?

Anyone in a similar position ?

Only other thing is reapply and go through the same process again in 6 months :weary::weary::weary:

Somebody pass me the bottle of vodka :rofl::joy::joy:

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Hi everyone,
Has anyone completed a video interview for Audit,
I am trying to prepare for it but I’m unsure how to?
Any advice would be helpful


Was this for London audit?

I still haven’t got a response from the games assessment yet


yes it is for london audit


Ok thanks i’m gonna have to chase them up. what score did you get on the game tests?


something around the 8300-8600 range, i only found out a few days ago so check your portal if anything


I haven’t received any feedback on my game assessment yet. So frustrating


My game score is around 8300. I already received the email for video interview last week.


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Hi, Have you done the video interview yet?. If yes, how was it?, Any tips?


Hi, Have you done the video interview yet?. If yes, how was it?, Any tips?


Hello, have u done the video interview yet?. If yes, how was it and any tips?


hey, has anyone applied for the audit graduate scheme in Watford yet? i applied last week and i completed the career valuation assessment but i haven’t heard anything since then.


Hey. Anyone done video interview for actuarial, any tips will greatly help…


Just received VI for audit and can anyone share something about it? Maybe how you feel, how long it takes and how to prepare for it? And are there timed numerical questions in VI? Thanks!!!


Has anyone had an assessment centre for audit in London office yet? Only did video interview today but not sure how many roles will still be available.




Hey guys, for those that have completed the video interview, please what sorts of situation bases questions were you asked? I really need help


not yet, but I just did my VI for london audit today do - do you mind letting me know when you’ve heard back? no idea what the wait time is like for this