PwC Graduate Programme 2020


Please could you give us more details about the assessment day. Thanks



I’m just trying to gather some details regarding the PwC assessment centre. I have applied for audit in the Birmingham office and wondering what the A/C entails and what is the structure. Could someone who has previously attended explain what they did and what the case study and group task were? How would you improve on your performance and any thing we should study before attending the A/C?

Thank you

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Does anyone know when they ask to see your gcse/alevel/degree certificates? I’ve sent off my pre-employment and everything, and confirmed my work dates but they haven’t asked about my academia at all. I’m starting in less than a month


Hey, congrats on the offer! If you don’t mind, I have a few questions regarding the AC. Would greatly appreciate any help/advice. Pm me if possible. Thanks :slight_smile:


Anyone starting in a few weeks with the spring intake? Anyone think there will be a delay in starting cos of the virus? PwC arent replying


I have a Career Focus Day on 31 March and I was wondering if there are any changes to the AC process due to the coronavirus?


Has anyone received any updates on their applications recently. Attend AC on 5th March no updates yet on my spring intake app. Anyone else?


I’m guessing here, but i think it’s fair to say that the intake would most likely be moved to September at the earliest.


That’s so peak, rather they let us know sooner than later, less than two weeks before we start


Hi Everybody,

I hope everyone is healthy and staying safe!

I have been invited to complete a video interview for the Audit service line. I was wondering if anybody who has been through the process can tell me the type of questions that come up??

Thanks in advance !



I hope your well.

Did your assessment centre go ahead ?