PwC Graduate Programme 2020


@orpswayfair Hello, congrats for getting the offer! Would you mind giving me a quick run through of the day? Is this correct:

  • Group discussion
  • Group presentation (of the discussed topic?)
  • (Individual) Written Report
  • 1 on 1 Interview for reviewing experience throughout the day

Thank you very much!


Hi everyone, I’ve got an AC coming up on the 14th in Mcr. Don’t suppose anyone would like to link up prior to the AC?


Hey Michelle, I’ve got an AC coming up as well. would you like to link up?


To those that have been offered a contract in a different city than the one they live in, did PWC mention anything about assistance with accommodation?

And congrats


Hi, Sorry for getting back to you late. Have you heard anything back from your AC? I’ve just done mine this week.


No word yet and I took it a week ago on the 14th. They said they’ll take 5-10 business days but we will see


Yeah. They said the same to us. Best of luck :slight_smile:

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I have got my AC on the 30th January. Anyone here attending that similar AC?


Hi Michelle, could you please share your experience of the AC? What did the day involve? What would you say was the most challenging part of the day? and how long was every stage?


Hi all,
Any advice on the game and how to score high. I worry I may not score a high score !


Hi could you please give insights into what to expect from the AC?


Hi Everyone,
I have been withdrawn from the process due to some personal reasons however, here are some tips for you to read about the PWC Assessment Centre. These tips I have collected from reading the forums in Wiki and student room, whilst also speaking to PWC staff members

1.Make sure you are familiar with the SWOT analysis because you will need this for you 1000 words report
2. DO NOT PANIC if you did not manage to write the whole 1000 words. They are looking for the quality of the report rather than the quantity of the report
3. You have got around 1 hour to finish the report. Make sure you identify great points to talk about in your report
4. The recruitment team are looking for personality and social skills. Make sure you demonstrate that you are a very friendly person during the group exercise by nodding to other peers points with a smile :slight_smile:
5. Also make sure that you involve someone in your discussion if they are quite shy during the group exercise. Ask them what do you they believe about your point?
6. Also make sure you are familiar with some PWC service lines
7. Include data and calculations in your report
8. The final interview does not require any pre-preparation for it; it just a normal chat to demonstrate how did the day go and what mistakes have you made and how will you solve these mistakes (done it better basically)
9. Make SURE you are HONEST during this interview
10. Also have conversions with the student recruitment team as this will show your communication skills


Not all heros wears capes. Thank you champ. Anyone doing the AC on 25th Feb in Reading?


For those attended 10th bhm AC, has anybody heard back yet?


Did the game based assessment include logical reasoning questions for this year?


Did anyone receive email for pre-employment screening?


I received and accepted an offer at the Birmingham office. I will be starting Oct. 2020 and looking for another person to flatshare with.


I sent pre-employment two days after accepted offer. You could find the form on Embark website.


Just got an audit grad offer. happy to answer any question regarding application.

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Hey! Congrats on receiving an offer, I have an assessment centre next week and have a few questions. Where is best to contact you? thanks in advance :slight_smile: