PwC Graduate Programme 2020


Hi guys, anyone done the game assessment recently? My final score apparently was 1000 so I’m not sure if it was an error or something because I had 1000s in other games? Or is it a new system of calibrating scores?


HI guys, for whom already has an offer, how long did you hear after the assessment centre? Many thanks!


Apparently don’t hear for audit until 16th December at the earliest


Hi guys, are there anyone who participated the AC last week already received any feedbacks?


Hi Miranda. Hope you will get the offer. Whether the company name on the case is also Navi East.


Hi! I know many people are already processing to AC. I am still waiting for the decision from the recruitment team on whether to approve my request for switching the application to another program. So I have to leave the video Interview pending. I am concerned that the position be be filled soon, causing my application to be unsuccessful where the 6-month waiting time before re-application applies.

It is said that there will be some new vacancies opening in Spring (Feb), not sure where people get this information. Does anyone know whether it works like this? Should I withdraw my application and start again in Spring, so that I don’t miss the chance because of the 6-month restriction?

Thanks a lot if anyone can help.


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Any offer/rejection calls today?


Received an offer yesterday morning for audit (London office)


When do you attend the AC


Afternoon of the 28th November


Got an offer today too (missed the call yday) happy to answer qs :slight_smile:

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Which role you taking? Deloitte or PwC?


Congratulations on the offer!, do you have any tips for the AC? For example how was it structured? Did you have to do a presentation/ more psychometric tests?


PwC i reckon - more prestige and better working condition from what I’ve heard but not 100%. wbu?


Thank you! From my feedback they really liked that I offered to introduce the group presentation, thought I led (really didn’t lol) and liked my reasons for audit. Make sure to let the big ‘dominating’ personalities get it out of their system lol, but contribute and try to bring diff ideas, even if its dumb haha. Good luck!


Hey guys, congrats on your offers! Has anyone received an offer for the Watford office?


Hi everyone, can I ask how long it takes you to get the result of your video interview? I have submitted mine last Sunday but didn’t hear any updates( even no confirmation email) after that.


Hi everyone, I got an AC coming up and would like to find people to practice group discussion together. Inbox me if you are interested. M

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Just wondering if anyone has information on transferring offices after an offer has received.

Due to personal circumstances, I may need to change the office in which I will be based.


@Schpoopie You’re better off asking them, worst case, they’ll say no. But its likely if you’re going from a big/popular office e.g. London/Reading/Bristol to a smaller, less popular regional one then there is a chance it’ll be fine. But from small, regional to the big city? Probably not.