PwC Graduate Programme 2020


Audit London office


Continuing the discussion from PwC Graduate Programme 2020:

I got one, when will you have yours?


27 Nov. How about you?


Continuing the discussion from PwC Graduate Programme 2020:


Have the ac for mgmt consulting, when are u going?


Oh shoot when is it/when did you get the invite? I did a thing with a different PwC office in the summer and they let me skip to the AC for management consulting in London for grad, so I’ve been calling them asking for updates and they said they would send me an invite email but they must have forgotten!


has anybody still not heard back yet after games assessments for audit grad london?


ignore that one😂 I’m going on 2nd Dec… would be happy if anyone is also going cheers


Hi Everyone, Please are there people who are going for AC on the 4th of December in the Afternoon in London?. We could do a bit of practice for the Group assessment and maybe the written report. Thanks.



Is anyone who are going to attend AC on 3 Dec afternoon? we might set a group discussion on Whatsapp to help each other to have a practice? Add mine: +44 07746122631


Hi guys, can anyone who has done or is planning on doing an AC for PwC just confirm that you aren’t required to redo your psychometrics again on the day? Many thanks


I am going to attend AC in Dec maybe we could practice together?



I attended the event in October and at the time I did not have to do any psychometric tests.

Best of luck !



I sent you a PM. Please respond.




Does anyone know the format for the AC?


Is anyone in the afternoon audit AC tomorrow?


My AC’s on Dec-4 in London Office, any What’s App Group?


Add mine +44 07529931743


Could you tell me what is the type of industry of Navi East?


How did the Assessment Centre go?..I have mine next week. Any useful tip, hint or advice you can give?.

Meanwhile, I pray and hope you get the offer soomest…Expecting a response soon.



How’s your AC?