PwC Graduate Programme 2020


Hi, how about your AC? I have a AC next week.Can i pm you?


Hey all,

Enjoyed helping people in the past so feel free to message for any help. I can give tips on the ac process as best I can from what I remember. Don’t come on here much so WhatsApp below



Hi, how’s your AC? I have an AC coming soon, can I ask you some questions? my WhatsApp is 07732271262. many thanks!



Can anyone just confirm for me that the Economic Consulting Autumn 2020 intake for London offices are not yet open? This is the job I wish to apply for and nothing has come up yet. I know its still very early but I don’t want to miss a deadline or anything.

Could anyone notify me on here when the London Autumn 2020 Economic Consulting Graduate Programme opens? I will also be checking everyday myself. Thanks a lot to everyone in advance.


Did anyone get AC in Sep? Could you add me if you have WhatsApp group! Thx!


Graduate Consulting Economics London 2020? its open and the deadline is 29th October 2019


Does anyone know the level of difficulty for assessment day in each office? Is the partner interview of small city such as glasgow easier than that of large city such as London? How do you choose the office location?


Well I don’t think that every division actually has a partner interview. As far as I remember from my experience last year, PwC simply has a video interview and if you clear that then there is an assessment center. Please note that this applies to audit, deals and tax. I heard that they were conducting some interviews for candidates in some of the consulting service lines.


So it just depends on the local office? If they want partner interview they can arrange one? I went to the assessment day in local office last year, but it was another big 4 company. There were only two parts, group discussion and partner interview. I found they just went through the procedure, it was not that formal, it seems like the partner will decide the candidates eventually. Probably it’s a small place, but the partner is rotational. I think they will move randomly from one location to another.


Hey guys, I just finished my game based assessment last Friday. When did you receive the invitation to the video interview after your game based assessment?


I completed my game assessment on the 9th and am still waiting to hear back from them; it’ll probably be a long wait i think


Hello, can you tell me how much scores did you get? I got 8800 and I want to know what’s the level of my score…


PwC Economic Consulting Application Portal

Hi everyone,

I asked this question two weeks ago and don’t think you guys understood me entirely. Basically, I want to apply for Economic Consulting graduate programme for the PwC Autumn 2020 intake.

I have been checking the website everyday (link provided at the top of this post) can someone just click on it on their own computer and confirm for me that there are currently no vacancies open (i.e. I can’t yet apply for this post)…? Many thanks. I don’t want to wait but at my understanding, there is so far, nowhere for me to submit my application-yet…


PwC All Consulting Jobs search results

Just to clarify my point further, this is the web-page I can see at the moment when I search “all consulting jobs” for graduates. Clearly, there is no job for “Economics Consulting” … am I correct to assume that I haven’t missed anything and all I can do at this moment in time is to wait?

Thanks a lot, you guys are awesome.

Best of luck with applications to everyone.


It’s open for me btw, maybe double-check? I’m having the same problem though waiting for my service line to open

At least for the London office (that’s all I checked)


anyone passed the AC but the roles in office applied has been filled and wait further information? please pm me if you have the same situation.


First of all, a thank you and shoutout to Dom, who told me where to find the Economics Consulting graduate programme and I have successfully submitted my application.

However, I have a specific learning difficulty and am very slow at handwriting and processing information. I mentioned this on my application form and got a reply saying the following:

If you have requested reasonable adjustment for assessment process, our Student Recruitment team will contact you directly about the next step."

This was Wednesday evening at 9 pm. It is now Friday morning and I still have had no reply, I am just wondering is anyone else in a similar situation? What do you guys advise me to do? How much longer should I wait before contacting PwC?

Thanks a lot in advance and best of luck for those who have passed the game assessment and waiting for video interviews.


Compared to Deloitte, PwC has been a little slower at processing applications (in my opinion). I wouldn’t worry too much, even when they’re working quickly the turnaround for replies tends to be 5-7 working days - it’s not even been 48 hours since you last heard from them. If you want, you can try calling them or emailing them directly, but I suspect that the response will be something like, “we’re working on it and will contact you when directly when we’ve sorted it”. Don’t forget, they’re currently processing hundreds, if not thousands of applications!


Thanks a lot for the reply.

Can anyone tell me what the game assessments are like? I recall someone saying on this forum they got 8800 ( is that a passing score?) Also, how may numerical and abstract reasoning (shape pattern) questions are there and what is the time constraint? Are they easy or hard? I want to at least be sort of prepared when I hopefully get my test.

Thanks in advance again.


I think I also got 8800, but from what I’ve read on this thread, I don’t think that score really matters.

The games are a little weird, they combine logic reasoning, patience, focus, and numerical reasoning. There are no abstract reasoning questions. I don’t really think you can do that much to prepare, except maybe do some focus games and practice some maths beforehand. Not all of the games are timed, it depends on the individual game. The whole thing ends with 18 minutes to do 18 problems. The questions weren’t that hard, but with only 1 min per question, I struggled to finish in time.

The first game is a patience game, where you have to unlock a digital safe. I’d say the most important thing to know here is that you don’t actually have to finish it!! It gets super hard and I spent like 25 minutes trying to complete it, before realising that you don’t actually have to. Just get as far as you can and then move on.

There is a game which involves inflating balloons, I don’t even know what they were measuring there tbh.

Overall, before you begin, I’d just make sure to be alert and focused, make sure you’ve eaten and stuff. They include two breaks in the test, which I’d suggest you take. Go to the toilet, stretch out, have some water, etc.

Good luck!!